How to Monitor your IP Address, Email Authentication, and Website

How to Set Up Uptime Monitoring

Downtime is not a matter of ‘If,’ but a matter of ‘When.’ Any successful business cannot afford to disappoint its customers by not being aware of when its site is down. 

GlockApps Uptime Monitor allows you to stay updated on the status of your IPs, domain authentication records, and website protocols at all times.

Follow these simple steps to start Uptime Monitoring so you can spot and fix any downtime issues instantaneously.

With GlockApps, you can set up Uptime Monitors for:

  • IP Blocklists
  • Email Authentication: DKIM, DMARC, and SPF
  • Website Protocols: TCP, TLS, and HTTP
uptime monitor

STEP 1: Click Create

website uptime monitor

STEP 2: Fill out Important Information about your Monitor

Add a name for the monitor, a tag (so that you can differentiate them easily), select the monitor type, interval, and region (there are 2 regions available – select the one that is closer to your location), and enter your domain name.

uptime tracker

STEP 3: Enable Alerts

If you want to receive alerts when our system detects problems with your monitors – make sure the Enable Alerts option is on.

website downtime monitor

You also need to choose the alerts channel. By default, it is the login email address for your GlockApps account. More options are available under the Notifications tab.

ip blacklist monitor

Setting up DKIM Monitoring

While setting up a DKIM monitor, you need to enter the DKIM selector:

You can find the DKIM selector in your domain DNS. Look at the DKIM records. Your DKIM selector is the first part of the value containing “._domainkey” in the Host Name field. For example, if the name is default._domainkey, the Selector will be default.

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Setting up IP Monitoring

While setting up an IP monitor, you can add multiple monitors at once, so that you won’t need to create a monitor for each IP manually.

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monitor website uptime

Reviewing Monitoring Reports

After setup, the monitors start working almost immediately. The statistics are available in the Monitors tab:

uptime checker

To see a detailed report, click on the monitor name.

track uptime

You will see more updates and detected issues in your Monitor Report as checks are being performed.

If your IP gets blacklisted, you will also be able to Request Delisting.

uptime monitoring software

You can access statistics about all the Uptime Monitors you’ve set up in the Dashboard tab:

uptime monitoring tools

Additional Guides to help you use Uptime Monitor:

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