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Proactive Measures for Protecting Your Sender Reputation

Written by Julia G

To keep their computers, accounts, websites, and mailboxes safe and secure, Internet users apply firewalls, antivirus tools, and anti-spam filters. Companies selling goods online and running online services, use anti-fraud systems to prevent fraudulent orders, account creations, abuse, and misuse of their infrastructure. In 2020, the question of security in the computer space has become as vital as never before. …

Automate Your Email Marketing and Sender Reputation Monitoring

Written by Julia G

According to Statista, in 2020, the number of global email users amounted to 4 billion and is set to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025. That’s why a lot of businesses and organizations use email for communicating with their audience around the world, reaching out to clients and customers to advertise products, and build customer relationships. Like we are …

How Sender Reputation Impacts Inbox Placement

Written by Julia G

Email marketing and deliverability experts agree that sender reputation is the most important factor that determines where an email lands: Inbox or Spam. You start building your sender reputation from the point when you start sending email messages from the domain. And the way how you do it determines how good or bad the reputation will be. In this article, …

Why Email Uptime Monitoring Is A Must For Best Deliverability & ROI

Written by Julia G

There are many variables involved when we talk about email deliverability. Today we will concentrate on email authentication, because it has its influence on whether your email gets blocked, will land in a spam folder or an inbox. How? It proves you are a trustworthy and legitimate sender, or otherwise. You should remember that it is not enough to just …

4 Reasons to Start Website Uptime Monitoring Right Now

Written by Julia G

A crashed server is not a matter of ‘If’ it is a matter of ‘When’. Our time and age do not allow much room for hesitation, and every successful business must constantly be present online. So an unavailable website, as you will see later, can result in millions of revenue losses. That is why website uptime monitoring is crucial for …