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Meet Gappie
Your Email Inbox Expert

Gappie is a bot that will make sure your email campaigns always deliver directly to your customer’s inbox. Just add Gappie to your Telegram or Slack to receive instant reports about your email domain and security.

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Resolve Issues Before They Become Problems

Receive Compliance Security Alerts

Get instant notifications from Gappie the second anything suspicious occurs:

  • A drop in your DMARC compliance rate
  • A surge of email traffic from your domain
  • Changes in the DMARC or SPF DNS records
  • DKIM or SPF authentication failures in traffic from your legitimate sources

Avoid Spam Filters with Inbox Insights

Receive notifications from Gappie regarding your ongoing inbox tests, so you can always be aware of your Inbox ratio and know if your messages are being blocked by any email providers.

Keep your email system healthy and spam free

Validate domain records

Just send “/domain” to Gappie to receive reports on your DMARC, SPF and MX DNS records and take immediate action.

Check IP Reputation

Send “/ip” to Gappie to instantly check your IPs against more than 30 of the most common industry blacklists including Spamhaus, SURBL, SORBS and Invaluement.

Run a quick inbox test

Send “/quicktest” to Gappie to run your email through Postfix, SendGrid and Mailgun providers so you can compare how IP reputation and content will affect the deliverability of your emails.

Let Gappie monitor the health
of your Email Marketing

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