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Quickly Test Your Email with Our Spam Checker

Copy the mail below and simply send us your email, and within seconds, receive a comprehensive deliverability report on your screen and in your inbox. We'll evaluate your spam score and provide insights to enhance your results.

Please note that the report is generated by resending your email through our accounts using various delivery vendors.

Keep in mind that your own ISP or mail server might yield different results when sending a test to our Email Spam Checker.


Why Use Our Email Inbox Checker?

Receive detailed and precise insights into the placement of your emails within recipients' inboxes, empowering you to swiftly address any possible issues redirecting them to spam folders.
Our sophisticated analysis encompasses a range of crucial factors, such as email content, sender reputation and recipient preferences, allowing us to pinpoint the destination of your emails.
Not only does our inbox checker provide real-time placement data, but it also equips you with actionable recommendations to optimize your email deliverability and ensure greater inbox visibility.

Spam Checker for All Major Mailbox Providers

Real-time insights into your marketing emails' fate — inbox, spam folder, or sub-folders. Proactively assess deliverability, save time, and address concerns preemptively.

Know Your Spam Score

Inbox Insight assesses it against major filters like Google, Barracuda, SpamAssassin, and Mimecast. Get a detailed analysis, including your spam score and content insights.

Conduct Email Authentication Test

Explore email authentication integrity with Inbox Insight. Examine DKIM and SPF efficiency, improving deliverability.

Track Delivery Timing

Monitor delivery timing for optimal outreach. Identify potential issues like ISP throttling that affect timely delivery.

Find Your Perfect Email Provider

Improve your campaigns with wise email provider choices. Test multiple providers, optimize deliverability, and find the right fit for email success.

Automate Email Spam Tests

Monitor email deliverability with automated tests. Schedule regular evaluations, and receive spam notifications for prompt issue awareness.

Renewed Journey with Inbox Insight

With these benefits, we're dedicated to optimizing inbox placement and boosting engagement.

Empower Testing with Advanced Seed Lists

Enhance testing accuracy with sharded distribution for optimal load balancing.

Enhanced Insights and User-Friendly Dashboard

Access a year's worth of insights effortlessly through our upgraded dashboard. Make informed decisions with ease.

Streamlined Autotest Management for Flexibility

Effortlessly adapt your testing strategy. Swap autotest letters and retain comprehensive statistics for all emails.

Custom Notes and Timely Alerts for Proactive Monitoring

Stay informed with customizable schedulers and alerts. Monitor email metrics proactively for peak performance.

Tailored Email Delivery for Smooth Reach

Revolutionary throttling logic ensures effortless delivery in high-volume campaigns.

Seamless MailReader Services for Stability

Optimized scaling for error-free testing and comprehensive autotest schedule.

Inbox Insight is your beacon towards mastering email deliverability.

Elevate engagement. Transform campaigns.

How to Use Inbox Insight

Mastering Email Deliverability Made Simple

Step 1: Access Manual Test

Log in to your GlockApps account and initiate the process by clicking the "Create Spam Test" button on the dashboard, then select "Start Manual Test" from the popup.

Step 2: Select Filters and Providers

Choose the preferred spam filters and email service providers you wish to test against. Opt for a comprehensive selection to gain a holistic understanding of your email's deliverability.

Step 3: Folder Selection and Personalization

Pick a target folder for your test, optionally add a note for differentiation if needed, and toggle the Link Checker feature based on your requirements.

Step 4: Copy and Paste ID String

Copy the unique ID string provided and paste it into your email's content or headers. This ID serves as the bridge between your test results and the personalized GlockApps report.

Step 5: Send to Seed List

Send your email to our Seed List — a collection of mailboxes meticulously managed by GlockApps.

Step 6: View the Comprehensive Report

Click "View Report" and allow a few moments for your report to be generated.

Step by step, Inbox Insight empowers unparalleled email deliverability.
Elevate campaigns with a tool that reflects your expertise and innovation.

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