Annual save 25%




    $708 billed one time annually Save $240

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    $1164 billed one time annually Save $387

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    5 Users
    18,000 Deliverability reports
    per year
    1,500 Deliverability reports
    per month
    10 Automatic spam tests /
    6h interval
    Sender score and blacklist
    monitoring / up to 25 IPs
    12,000,000 DMARC compliant
    messages per year
    * $10 per 1 million thereafter
    1,000,000 DMARC compliant
    messages per month
    * $10 per 1 million thereafter
    Track up to 6,000,000 bounce
    emails per year
    * $5 per 100,000 thereafter
    Track up to 500,000 bounce
    emails per month
    * $5 per 100,000 thereafter
    25 Uptime Monitors for DMARC, SPF, DKIM, TLS, HTTP, and TCP check
    * $1 per 2 monitors thereafter
    Support via email and live chat
    Premium user support
    Instant notifications via Email, Telegram, Slack
    EasyMail7 Annual license

    E-commerce service is provided by Avangate®/2Checkout® an e-commerce reseller.




    $2700 billed one time annually Save $897

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free plan?

All potential users are welcome to use our free trial which includes three free spam tests. After your trial is finished, additional spam tests and the ability to monitor sender reputation and email deliverability can be unlocked with a paid plan.

What kind of payment options are available?

Plans can be paid for annually, monthly or on a per-test basis. Discounts of 25% are offered on all plans if paid annually.

Does billing happen automatically?

No. Automatic billing is disabled by default but you can choose to enable it at any time through the account settings.

Can I customize the plan?

Yes. You can create a customized plan that only includes the tools you need. The minimum price for a custom plan is $20/month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Through account settings you can cancel your plan at any time with the click of a button. After cancellation, you’ll be able to retain access to your testing information but will not be able to run new tests until you buy individual test credits or re-subscribe.

Are there any cancellation fees?

No. You can make changes to your plan or cancel at any time, free of charge. Our flexible plans also come with no minimum contracts.

What are “test credits”?

Each plan has a set number of test credits that can be used monthly to run seed-based deliverability tests. Every time you run a test, including tests via proxy addresses and all automatic testing, one credit is deducted. If you run out of test credits you can purchase more individually or wait until the next month.

Can “test credits” expire?

In most cases, yes. In monthly or annual plans, credits expire at the end of each month and do not rollover into the next month. In pay-per-test plans, credits expire after the period indicated in the plan.

Can I use a dedicated email address for testing?

Yes. Spam tests can be run using a dedicated email address. Enter your SMTP settings in GlockApps and receive your ‘proxy’ email address for testing. Once the message is sent to your ‘proxy’ email address, the system will do the rest for you.

Do I have to refresh the seed list?

No. The seed list is static for all the tests. Once the list is registered with your email system you will not need to re-upload it before creating a new test.