Privacy Policies

Thank you for visiting GLockApps official website located at We are firmly committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. To that end, we are pleased to provide this Privacy Policy to describe our information gathering, storage, and use.

Acquisition of Information

You can visit our site without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information. Our site does collect information such as domain, IP address, browser type and operating system for site trends and statistics, but this information does not personally identify you.

We may ask you to provide personally identifiable information if you are signing up as our customer, reseller, and partner. Some information about your company, its size or other details may be required by us via email while providing pre-sale support.

We use an outside company Avangate to ship orders and process credit cards. This company does not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information for any secondary purposes.

In case you use our service to track bounce email messages, we collect the email addresses from your bounce messages to present the reports and bounce analytics to you. We do not share or use that data for any secondary purposes. We store bounce emails and analytics in your personal account for three months. The data older than the three-month period from the actual date is deleted.

MailChimp Integration

GlockApps will never contact or modify your existing subscribers or lists you have in MailChimp in any way.

We’ll create a new list in your MailChimp account in order to import our email addresses, and we’ll display a list of your existing campaigns. When you choose to run a delivery test for one of your campaigns, we’ll email a copy of that campaign to our test list.

By allowing GlockApps to connect to your MailChimp account, you give GlockApps permission to perform the following actions:

  • retrieve the contents of your MailChimp templates and campaigns for the purpose of performing email delivery tests;
  • create a new list titled “GlockApps seed list”;
  • import GlockApps seed list into the “GlockApps seed list” in your MailChimp account. Note: Since MailChimp charges by subscribers, this may affect your MailChimp pricing tier.
  • update the “GlockApps seed list” in your MailChimp account in the event that GlockApps seed list changes.
  • create a new campaign and send it to the “GlockApps seed list” list for the purpose of performing an email delivery test.

GlockApps will ONLY contact subscribers in the “GlockApps seed list” list. Other lists and other subscribers in your MailChimp account will NOT be contacted or modified in any way.

How We Use the Information

The personal information you provide will be used for the purpose for which it was provided – to log you into your account, to contact you, to process an order, etc. G-Lock Software may also use any information you have provided as reasonably necessary to provide customer support to you. G-Lock Software may also use your contact information to provide notices regarding the products or services that you have purchased, as well as to inform you about new products or promotional campaigns.

With Whom We Share Your Information

G-Lock Software may share information with its billing company Avangate if it is necessary for processing your orders or troubleshooting.

Your information may be shared with G-Lock Software authorized resellers and partners who we may think would serve you better.

Information Security

G-Lock Software will strictly protect the security of your personal information, protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. Your personal data, including your e-mail address and your SMTP settings, is used for internal purposes only and for testing email deliverability through your SMTP server or email account and is never sold or shared with anyone outside of G-Lock Software or our authorized resellers, unless we disclose information in response to a law enforcement request.

Information Storage

G-Lock Software will store the information collected by GlockApps such as spam test reports, message headers, bounce email analytics and bounce reports in your personal account. G-Lock Software will never delete your reports however it will store the message headers for 30 days. After the 30-day period, you will not have access to the headers in your reports. Bounce email analytics will be stored for the last 90 days. Downloadable bounce email reports will be available for the last year.

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