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Case Study

[Case Study] MailSoar

Written by Julia G

Discover how MailSoar agency solved their problem of accurately measuring email placement and improving deliverability. With the GlockApps service, MailSoar has expanded its capabilities, significantly improving client accessibility and overall performance.

[Case Study] Hustler Marketing

Written by Julia G

Introduction Discover how a leading personalized jewelry eCommerce brand overcame email deliverability challenges, transformed its reputation, and experienced a substantial boost in revenue. Dive into the strategic journey undertaken by the Hustler Marketing team to ensure emails not only reached inboxes but thrived in the primary tab, leading to remarkable results. Hustler Marketing, a trailblazer in digital marketing, brought its …

[Case Study] How We Stopped Spam from Our Domain with DMARC Analytics

Written by Steven Whipple

After the adoption of DMARC, email marketing experts say that it is a must-have protocol for good email deliverability. Firstly, email messages passing DMARC email authentication are more likely to be delivered to the Inbox. Secondly, DMARC allows control of email delivery and protects the domain with a DMARC policy. We didn’t think about DMARC until recently as we were …

[Case Study] How DMARC Analytics Helps Save Domain Reputation

Written by Ramon Gooch

Like all companies doing business online and communicating with their clients via email, we, at GSoft, are concerned about our domain reputation. To protect the domain and ensure that nobody is sending spam or phishing emails on behalf of our company, we implemented DMARC email authentication with the ‘reject’ policy. We thought it was enough to be protected and we …