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Email Marketing

Streamlined Inbox: What’s New in Apple Mail from iOS 18 Preview

Written by Tanya Tarasenko

Apple has announced a huge update of Apple Mail in iOS 18, with a bunch of exciting new features that are designed to give users a more immersive experience and add a greater sense of control over the pre-existing app. We’ll take a look at the highlights of this overhaul and its implications.

Email Gamification: Igniting Interactive Adventures in Marketing

Written by Tanya Tarasenko

Email gamification applies game mechanics to an email marketing campaign to make it both more interactive and engaging. Employing the inherent human love of play and competition as a mechanism to drive engagement and marketing effectiveness, email gamification has emerged to envelop everything from interactive quizzes and spin-to-win wheels to virtual scratch cards.

Email Signature Design: Best Practices and Their Impact on Deliverability

Written by Tanya Tarasenko

These days, an email signature is a necessary component of professional life. A custom signature helps your branding, improves your credibility, and provides vital contact information for anyone receiving your emails. But what does good email branding and style look like? Can a bad signature hurt email deliverability? This guide will demystify everything you need to know to create a good email signature.

Preheader Text: The Key to Elevating Email Impact and Deliverability

Written by Tanya Tarasenko

When you send an email, you have a chance to make that message more effective and valuable to potential customers, subscribers, and readers by using a bit of space on the subject line, not necessarily as the subject line itself, but as preheader text – simply, before the header. The preheader text is that little bit of text that appears next to, or as an extension of, your subject line in a potential subscriber’s email inbox.

The Impact of Dynamic Content in Email Marketing

Written by Tanya Tarasenko

A dynamic content approach reflects the challenges that marketers face in this ever-shifting world of email marketing, employing user data to create ultimately successful opportunities. Utilizing user data to build email subscriber campaign activity, and dynamic content in email marketing can be a revolutionary strategy if implemented properly. It involves combining individual subscriber data and behavior into building an email campaign where every bit of content, from emails’ subject lines to images, is designed particularly for each subscriber.

Comparing Inbound and Outbound Marketing: The Role of Email in Each Strategy

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Inbound vs. outbound marketing, what’s the difference, what exactly do they mean and how do they involve the emails we are so used to in our daily lives? You may have often encountered both of these concepts, but have not thought about their definition and difference. Let’s take a closer look.

Unlock the Full Potential of Email Marketing Through Hyper-Personalization

Written by Tanya Tarasenko

Hyper-personalization in the email could be the peak of targeted marketing yet, via the use of complex algorithms, it moves a step beyond the well-known examples of personalization (such as simply including the customer’s name in an email), focusing instead on individuals’ behavior, preferences and histories to create highly relevant and engaging communications.

How to Write Sales Emails That Work [+Examples]

Written by Julia G

Today, an average email user usually gets 150-200 emails a day. People swiftly go through the emails, focusing on the ones that seem important and disregarding the others until they are overtaken by a new batch that arrives. With two hundred emails a day on average, only about half of them receive attention. The other half remains unseen or goes to trash, sometimes unfairly.

10 Pro Email Marketing Tips for Better Engagement

Written by Tanya Tarasenko

Navigating the ever-changing world of email marketing requires a deep understanding of how to effectively communicate with your audience. Successful email marketing is truly an art that combines strategy, creativity, and technical expertise. Let’s get into some interesting essentials in email marketing tips selected to increase your campaigns’ effectiveness and engagement levels.

Plain Text vs. HTML Emails: Why Marketers Should Send Both Formats

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

You may have heard a lot about the revival of plain text emails these days. In an era when email marketers widely use HTML code with all its benefits, some of them actively promote writing exclusively plain text, citing several arguments.

HTML emails are popular with email professionals because of their design, graphics, fonts, and colors, which are all important for grabbing the recipient’s attention. However, plain text emails also play an important role, as they lack visual appeal but make up for it with reliability and prompt deliverability.