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HIPAA-Compliant Email Providers: Ensuring Secure Communication for Healthcare

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

In healthcare, protecting patient information is a top priority, especially regarding electronic communications. HIPAA-compliant email service providers are critical in ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive data transmitted via email.

We recently published an in-depth article on HIPAA’s main principles regarding the use of email, and today we will dive into the details of which electronic communication tools are legal to use in the healthcare sector to contact patients.

How to Send a HIPAA-Compliant Email?

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

You probably read the headline and thought, where is the connection between email and health insurance? But for real, their relationship is much closer than it might seem.

Recently, we looked in detail at the main laws of email marketing, and today we will move on to another set of rules that directly affect email marketers’ work and in a certain way limit their freedom of action.

Email Subject Line Capitalization: How to Choose the Right Case

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Your email’s subject line is super important. This is the first thing everyone sees in their inboxes. But with different ways to write it, how do you pick the right one?

The email subject is a ticket to numerous inboxes. But how to write such phrases that will attract attention and make people open your messages? With a little creativity and smart thinking, you can turn your emails from boring to great!

Email Marketing Laws: Ensuring Compliance with Spam Regulations and Privacy Protocols

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

The fear of breaking some rules probably haunts people in any industry, because it’s our human nature to avoid getting into trouble. And email marketers are no exception, as they don’t want to suddenly run into a legal problem they didn’t expect before sending each new campaign.

Triggered Emails: Boost Your Sales and Revenue

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

You probably noticed that as soon as you sign up for a certain subscription, you immediately receive a welcome email, which usually presents the company from which you made a purchase or paid for a service, and you are invited to learn the terms of your plan and opportunities to use the provided services maximally effectively. Such emails that are sent in response to a client’s action are known as trigger emails.

Crafting Engaging Email Newsletters: Best Practices for Success

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Customers always appreciate it when a company shares quality information about its offers, services, and updates through timely online newsletters. This method of communication has numerous advantages, including helping to increase website traffic with embedded links, keeping subscribers happy and informed in advance, providing direct advertising opportunities, and the ability to regularly stay in the user’s field of view.

Understanding Email Fatigue and Overload: Finding the Balance

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Stop for a moment and imagine your inbox is filled with emails from a single brand, day in and day out. Does it make you feel overwhelmed? You’re experiencing what’s commonly known as email list fatigue – a feeling that’s all too familiar in today’s marketing communications.

How to Send Bulk Email Without Spamming: Strategies to Avoid Blocklisting

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Every marketer knows that one of the most appealing aspects of email marketing campaigns is the ability to reach hundreds of potential customers instantly. With a large list at your disposal, you have the opportunity to send mass emails filled with an individual approach to each recipient, thereby maximizing relevance.

Email Marketing Calendar: Strategic Planning and Automation of Your Campaigns [+Templates]

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Have you ever felt like your email marketing efforts are disordered, wondering if you’ve gone wrong? If you want a way to plan ahead and make sure your emails land in the right folders at the right time, an email marketing calendar is your ticket to organized and effective communication with your audience.

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy: Step-by-Step Guide

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

We believe that there is no need to talk too much about the popularity of email marketing, because it is an effective way to directly connect with the target audience, offering great opportunities for engagement and conversion. That’s why a solid email marketing strategy is a fundamental necessity for every business, regardless of size or industry.