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Author: Khrystyna Sliusar

Plain Text vs. HTML Emails: Why Marketers Should Send Both Formats

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

You may have heard a lot about the revival of plain text emails these days. In an era when email marketers widely use HTML code with all its benefits, some of them actively promote writing exclusively plain text, citing several arguments.

HTML emails are popular with email professionals because of their design, graphics, fonts, and colors, which are all important for grabbing the recipient’s attention. However, plain text emails also play an important role, as they lack visual appeal but make up for it with reliability and prompt deliverability.

Email Tracking Pixels: Investigating Their Purpose and Impact on Deliverability

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Tracking pixels are small 1 x 1 GIFs that email marketers or email services embed in email HTML code to track when a recipient opened an email, where they did so, and how many times. Simply put, once an email is opened, the tracking pixel sends a signal to the server, which can be used to track the number of people who viewed your message and other metrics. You might have also heard other names of this mechanism like web beacons, tracking bugs, web bugs, web tags, page tags, and pixel tags.

Top 25 DMARC Data Providers of 2024

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

As you may already know, email security is critical to ensuring proper communication. One of the most important tools in this area is the DMARC protocol, which ensures the authenticity of emails and provides valuable information about email activity to reduce the risk of phishing and fraud.

Sales Follow-Up Email Templates: Building a Conversation and Closing the Deal with Confidence

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Did you know that only about 10% of customers close the deal on their own after confirmation, which means that 90% of deals will not happen if the salesperson skips this stage and doesn’t offer the next steps? That’s why, at every stage of the sales process, you need to be sure that the next online meeting, call, business lunch, webinar, or other event with a potential client is scheduled in advance.Follow-up emails can greatly help with this, as they make it very convenient to offer something to the customer and encourage them to take further action.

The Role of Follow-Up Emails in Email Marketing Strategy: Effective Templates for Different Cases

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Follow-up emails are like a kind reminder in the inbox that keeps the conversation going. They play an important role in building relationships, offering value, and pushing people to take action. That’s why you should include them in your email marketing strategy to show your recipients that you have them in mind and are always ready to engage.

How to Write a Successful Follow-Up Email: Examples and Templates for Networking Development

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Networking and attending various business events opens the door to valuable contacts, which is an integral part of a company’s development. By expanding your circle of people in related industries, you open up new horizons of reach and profit.

One of the most effective ways to capitalize on that relationship is to send follow-up emails. In this article, you’ll learn how to write a successful follow-up email to build connections.

Join the Leading Email Marketing Affiliate Program: Step-by-Step Guide to Become a GlockApps Affiliate

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

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HIPAA-Compliant Email Providers: Ensuring Secure Communication for Healthcare

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

In healthcare, protecting patient information is a top priority, especially regarding electronic communications. HIPAA-compliant email service providers are critical in ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive data transmitted via email.

We recently published an in-depth article on HIPAA’s main principles regarding the use of email, and today we will dive into the details of which electronic communication tools are legal to use in the healthcare sector to contact patients.

How to Send a HIPAA-Compliant Email?

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

You probably read the headline and thought, where is the connection between email and health insurance? But for real, their relationship is much closer than it might seem.

Recently, we looked in detail at the main laws of email marketing, and today we will move on to another set of rules that directly affect email marketers’ work and in a certain way limit their freedom of action.

Email Subject Line Capitalization: How to Choose the Right Case

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Your email’s subject line is super important. This is the first thing everyone sees in their inboxes. But with different ways to write it, how do you pick the right one?

The email subject is a ticket to numerous inboxes. But how to write such phrases that will attract attention and make people open your messages? With a little creativity and smart thinking, you can turn your emails from boring to great!