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Email Deliverability

Why Email Uptime Monitoring is an Absolute Must for the Best Deliverability and ROI

Written by Julia G

There are many variables involved when we talk about email deliverability. Today we will concentrate on email authentication, because it has its influence on whether your email gets blocked, will land in a spam folder or an inbox. How? It proves you are a trustworthy and legitimate sender, or otherwise. You should remember that it is not enough to just …

Last Chance: How to Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers

Written by Julia G

Some of your subscribers are not as active as they used to be while others weren’t active from the first day of subscription? The excitement has faded and they’re not opening your emails anymore…unfortunately, it is a common problem. But the good news is that it has a solution! Email marketing is about building a strong relationship. And, just like …

Anti-Spam Regulations in 2020: Do You Comply?

Written by Julia G

Dealing with laws and regulations is an inevitable reality for any business. Although the variety of anti-spam laws that differ for every country might feel discouraging at first, if you are a legitimate company and a legitimate sender, you probably don’t have to worry about it much. Nevertheless, it is always better to be fluent in anti-spam laws and regulations. …

Spam Traps 101: from Nightmare to Opportunity

Written by Julia G

Email getting into a spam trap is a nightmare for any email marketer. Unfortunately, it can happen even with the best of us. Afterwards we keep wondering how a spam trap could get on our mailing list. Let’s solve this jigsaw puzzle step by step and by the end of this article everything will fall into place. What is a …

ISPs and ESPs: What It Is and How to Choose

Written by Julia G

So many times, when talking to a client, I have been asked questions: ‘What is ISP? What is ESP? What is the difference? I understand how confusing these terms might seem at first, but with the insights from this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about ESPs and ISPs, how they work and how to choose the right …

The Role of Email in eCommerce

Written by Julia G

eCommerce brands around the world are experiencing significant changes within their markets due to the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Organic web traffic is on the decline and a number of brands are planning to cut down on their paid media budgets to focus on email as their primary form of communication. Email has often been underestimated in terms of …

How GlockApps Helps Emails Reach Their Inbox Destination

Written by Diana Lascu

This is the guest post written by Diana Lascu. What Brought Flipsnack to GlockApps? Email is one of Flipsnack’s most powerful marketing and communication tools. Not only is it the main channel to reach our users, but it also allows us to tailor different messages for different audiences, and send them emails at the best time. When I started as …

How to Use Emotional Intelligence for Email Marketing Success

Written by Julia G

Whenever an email marketer presses send on a newsletter to their subscribers, they’re doing it with only the best of intentions. Often spending more time on the subject line of an email to be strong and interesting, sometimes the newsletter content can miss the mark with subscribers. What may seem obvious from an email marketer’s point of view can at …

DMARC Enforcement Stops Domain Spoofing

Written by Julia G

Your subscribers, customers or partners can fall victim to different kinds of email phishing attacks where the “From” address has your company’s domain. Not only are phishing attacks dangerous for email recipients, but they also harm the reputation of the company’s domain which was spoofed. Why do bad senders use domain spoofing?

Making Your Case to the Executives: Connecting Email Marketing to ROI

Written by Julia G

While the importance of analytics is obvious to email marketers, it is not so obvious to those who aren’t working in the field. High deliverability increases email marketing efficiency. It can drastically improve business but it all comes down to whether or not you can explain how it does so. In this article, we will concentrate on the importance of …