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Email Deliverability

Email Best Practices: Email Deliverability Audit

Written by Katherine Medina

Email deliverability plays a massive role in your email marketing program. Every email that doesn’t reach your subscribers’ inboxes means fewer opens, clicks, and sales. In order to maximize your revenue from your email campaigns, you need to follow email deliverability best practices. You’ll improve the likelihood of email service providers delivering your messages to your customers’ inboxes if you …

DMARC Fail: What Causes DMARC Failure in 2022?

Written by Julia G

There are several causes for DMARC failure. To ensure your emails are properly authenticated and your domain is protected from cybercrime such as spoofing, it’s critical to understand what caused DMARC to fail authentication. When it comes to cyber-attacks, 2021 has shown how unprepared businesses all over the world are. Although Google tries its best to block over 100 million …

Email Spoofing Attacks in 2022

Written by Julia G

Email spoofing and phishing increased by 220% in 2021. With such high numbers, cyber-criminals are taking advantage of opportunities to spoof emails and phish for valuable information and credentials. As a result, the average cost of a data breach in 2021 was $4.24 million! Types of Spoofing There are many ways cybercriminals can attempt to steal your personal information. These are …

Email Automation in 2022

Written by Julia G

Email automation is a way for business owners and email marketers to stay connected to their customers. Find out how to properly implement email automations, and what pitfalls you should avoid.

Top Email Marketing Trends 2022

Written by Julia G

Email marketing is changing and evolving with the post-covid era. Find out what are the latest trends that you should adopt to stay successful.

What is BIMI: Ultimate Guide to BIMI in 2022

Written by Julia G

BIMI is a relatively new form of email authentication that will help you stand out in your customer’s inbox. Learn more about BIMI and how it can improve your email marketing program this new year.

Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing Subject Lines

Written by Julia G

If you’re an email marketer or considering becoming one, you’re probably curious about what motivates consumers or subscribers to open the emails that you send to them. If you want to increase your open rates, what are the principles you need to master as an email marketer? All of this boils down to the first important factor you should know …

What is BIMI and Why You Need It for Successful Email Marketing

Written by Julia G

Email marketers work hard in devising ways and methodologies to become effective and gain more subscribers organically. As visibility is crucial and every organization wants to have their emails opened, BIMI technology is a big step for every brand to get into the inbox and get noticed. BIMI email authentication also makes it easier to recognize a legitimate email. How? …

7 Best Email Practices that Drive Email Program Growth

Written by Julia G

Email Marketing is a highly effective digital marketing channel that helps companies connect to customers and promote their brands to increase sales. Here are 7 best email practices that marketing experts follow to grow and maximize their email program.

Ultimate Guide to Improving your Registration Rate

Written by Julia G

We at GlockApps prepared an ultimate guide on how you can easily increase your registration rate and build trust by sending emails to the subscribers’ Inbox.