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Email Deliverability

How to Strengthen Your Brand with BIMI

Written by Julia G

This 2020, BIMI or Brand Indicators for Message Identification, is expected to be adopted and actively supported by more and more Email providers. Currently, only Yahoo and Gmail support BIMI. This new standard will provide email senders yet another way to stand out in their recipient’s inbox by allowing you to display your logo along with your email.

​How to Use EasyMail7 for Successful Email Campaigns

Written by Julia G

Delivering emails to the recipient’s inbox is the primary goal of email marketing. If the email doesn’t reach the intended receiver, then the whole marketing campaign will go to waste. When you hit the inbox, you beat your competitor’s email that is lost in the junk folder or not delivered. With years of working in the email marketing industry, we …

What is DMARC: Email Security with DMARC, SPF, and DKIM

Written by Julia G

How Much Security is Enough When It Comes to Cyber-Crime? According to the research by Verizon, email is the channel of distribution of 94% of all malware that gets on computers. Phishing takes the first place among cyber-attacks – 80% of all incidents, intending to install malware to the computer using social engineering tactics. The shocking average of $17,700 is …

Copywriting Best Practices for Avoiding the Spam Folder

Written by Sujan Patel

This is the guest post written by Sujan Patel. Spam email accounts for more than 45% of all email traffic. Put another way, that’s about 14.5 billion spam messages sent every day. Is yours one of them? It can be frustrating to invest your time and budget into crafting the perfect email for your prospects, only for it to end …

How to Use BIMI for Increasing Your Brand Recognition and Deliverability

Written by Julia G

When it comes to email marketing, it is difficult to find a tool that can do everything. For instance, while one can help you increase visibility, it can’t help you encourage subscribers to open up emails. Indeed, to this day, getting a tool capable of doing everything that you would like it to is impossible. However, with BIMI, what you …

BIMI: Email Marketing Built on Trust

Written by Julia G

Email marketers are always looking for tricks to have better deliverability and better visibility in the users’ inboxes to get more emails opened. While there is no ultimate solution, there is a new standard that can help you make your brand stand out in the inbox.

Email Branding for Better Inbox Experience and Deliverability

Written by Julia G

According to the latest benchmark report, email conversion rates are higher than social media, direct traffic, and search. Email is alive and continues to be a great channel of communication and marketing for companies who run a business online. In this post, we are going to focus on the elements of the email that you can use to build trust …

DMARC: How to Prevent Email Spoofing

Written by Julia G

Modern email authentication uses a combination of three methods: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. These methods help ensure that a message came from a sender shown in the From header. By deploying DMARC, email senders can prevent spoofed spam and phishing emails from reaching their email subscribers and customers, protecting their brand and the subscribers’ personal data. This post explains the …

Sender Reputation: How to Avoid Spam Folder Placement

Written by Julia G

Businesses and companies don’t always give priority to their email marketing programs focusing on developing new products, setting up goals and planning the strategies. They often start optimizing the email programs when their open rates drop in times. But the success of the business is closely connected with the success of the email program. The more messages go to the …

How to Optimize Your SPF Record

Written by Julia G

In this post, we will tell you how you can optimize a bloated SPF record to make the SPF authentication pass. This primarily concerns delivery services that send emails for their customers and ask their customers to include an SPF record to their domain’s DNS. But it can be also useful to senders publishing their own SPF records. What is …