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Email Deliverability

How to Strengthen Your Brand with BIMI Record

Written by Julia G

BIMI or Brand Indicators for Message Identification is expected to be adopted and actively supported by more and more Email providers. Currently, only Yahoo and Gmail support BIMI. This new standard will provide email senders yet another way to stand out in their recipient’s inbox by allowing you to display your logo along with your email. It is important to …

What is DMARC: Using a DMARC Record to Protect Your Domain

Written by Julia G

DMARC Explained Implement a DMARC record to create a safe environment for both your company and your audience. As the most effective email validation system, DMARC records protect your domain from business email compromise. According to Verizon, 94% of all malware comes from email. Phishing attacks consist of 80% of all incidents. About $17,700 is lost every minute on average due to …

Email Branding for Better Inbox Experience and Deliverability

Written by Julia G

According to the latest benchmark report, email conversion rates are higher than social media, direct traffic, and search. Email is alive and continues to be a great channel of communication and marketing for companies who run a business online. In this post, we are going to focus on the elements of the email that you can use to build trust …

DMARC: How to Prevent Email Spoofing

Written by Julia G

Modern email authentication uses a combination of three methods: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. These methods help ensure that a message came from a sender shown in the From header. By deploying DMARC, email senders can prevent spoofed spam and phishing emails from reaching their email subscribers and customers, protecting their brand and the subscribers’ personal data. This post explains the …

What is SPF Record – How to Create SPF Record

Written by Julia G

This article will teach you what an SPF record is and how you can create an SPF TXT record that’s optimized to pass SPF authentication, protect you from spam, and improve your email deliverability.  Who can benefit from this article? We will cover: What is SPF Record? An SPF record is a form of authentication that prevents spammers from spoofing your …

Authenticate Emails with DMARC for Better Deliverability

Written by Julia G

Email is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to promote their brand and get clients. On the other hand, email facilitates the spreading of spam, phishing, malware, viruses and other fraud simply because it is difficult to tell if the sender is really the one it pretends to be. Legitimate senders have to wade through complicated anti-spam filters just to get …

IP Blacklist Check – Is My IP Blacklisted? – IP Blacklist Lookup

Written by Julia G

The word ‘Blacklist’ makes the email marketer’s hair curl. But you know what they say: his bark is worse than his bite. After reading this article, you will understand how blacklists work, how to check IP blacklists, and what to do if your IP is on the list.  What is an IP Blacklist? A blacklist is a real-time database of …

Gmail Puts Emails in Spam. How Can I Fix It?

Written by Julia G

With 1.5 billion users around the world, Gmail takes a huge share of the global email market. There are hardly any email marketers who do not have email subscribers who use Gmail. The question of email deliverability to Gmail recipients is becoming more and more urgent for email marketers.

8 Tips to Create a Top-Notch Email Infrastructure

Written by Julia G

Email infrastructure is the backbone of your email program. Without the proper foundation set up, it would be increasingly more difficult for your email campaign to reach your recipient’s inbox. When your prospective leads receive an email, they see a great attention-grabbing letter, but there had to be an even greater email infrastructure working tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver …

How I Beat Google & Decreased My Spam Rate from 35.2% to 2.8%

Written by Shaurya Jain

This is the guest post written by Shaurya Jain. A Mistake that Started It All A couple of months ago, I launched a cold email campaign to partner with non-competing but closely related businesses. These were primarily PR and web design agencies. From my 2 years of experience with cold emailing, I had learned that people like humorous cold emails.