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Discover how a leading personalized jewelry eCommerce brand overcame email deliverability challenges, transformed its reputation, and experienced a substantial boost in revenue. Dive into the strategic journey undertaken by the Hustler Marketing team to ensure emails not only reached inboxes but thrived in the primary tab, leading to remarkable results.

Hustler Marketing, a trailblazer in digital marketing, brought its prowess to the forefront of this transformative email deliverability project. Their dynamic approach, combining creative finesse with technical acumen, ensured the success of each phase. Transparent communication and a strategic vision were the hallmarks of their collaboration with the jewelry eCommerce brand.

Snapshot from 2022: Captured in the legacy GlockApps interface.


Fluctuating email deliverability jeopardized the trust and revenue of a premium personalized jewelry eCommerce brand.

Deliverability Challenges: Reaching the Primary Inbox

The brand faced inconsistent deliverability, a critical concern for high-value purchases. The team managed issues through segmentation, avoiding spam triggers, and enhancing text-to-image ratios. Despite these efforts, a more permanent solution was necessary.


Hustler Marketing orchestrated a comprehensive strategy to fortify the account’s reputation.

Creative and Technical Teams Unite to Improve Email Deliverability

The strategy prioritized the account’s reputation, requiring transparency with the client about a short-term revenue dip.

Phase 1 focused on restoring the email domain reputation through copywriting, interactive design, and strategic fixes.

Phase 2 involved combining an improved reputation with a new sender domain, gradually increasing campaign segments.


A meticulous two-phase approach resulted in a substantial improvement in email deliverability, skyrocketing open rates, and a revenue surge of 69% for email flows and 31% for campaign-based emails.

Revenue Follows Reputation and Improved Email Deliverability

With the account’s reputation enhanced and emails consistently reaching inboxes, the team’s long-term vision paid off. From June to September, email flows witnessed a 69% revenue improvement, and campaign-based email revenue grew by 31%. The strategy’s success lay in the synergy of creative and technical expertise, ensuring sustained growth.

Marina Taylor, Account Manager Team Lead

“I would say another thing you could add is that GlockApps removed the guesswork. Our team implemented ideas that were good in theory, but the tool helped them to know whether they were actually effective. They saved a lot of time and resources by being able to tell where these emails were landing. I think GlockApps fills a critical gap between ideas and results.”

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