Testing via Proxy Email Address

If you’re operating your own mail server or email account with a delivery vendor like Amazon SES, SendGrid or other you can use this option. It is simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Enter your SMTP settings in GlockApps.
  2. Select mailbox providers for testing.
  3. Send your email to the proxy email address.

GlockApps will automatically re-send the message to the seed email addresses at mailbox providers you chose.

This option eliminates the need for you to copy-paste the entire seed list and test id to your email software. You only need to send your message to the single proxy email address. And our system will do the rest.

You can create multiple email accounts in the GlockApps email spam checker tool using different SMTP settings and send tests via each account.

1. Enter SMTP Settings.

Go to Inbox Insight -> Sending Accounts in your GlockApps dashboard.

Click “Add Sending Account”.

Enter your From name, From email address, your SMTP settings including the SMTP server name, SMTP port number, your username and password for your SMTP account.

If your SMTP user doesn’t require authentication, type nopassword in the Password field. The username can be any or empty. With nopassword, the username is ignored.

IMPORTANT! If you are using Gmail or Google Workspace, your regular password may not work. Turn the 2-Step Password Verification to On in your Gmail/Google Workspace account, create an App password and use the App Password as the SMTP password in GlockApps.

If you need to whitelist the GlockApps IP address, whitelist

Custom Headers

While sending your message to the seed list GlockApps keeps only ‘MIME-Version’, ‘Content-Type’, ‘Reply-To’, ‘List-Id’, ‘List-Unsubscribe’ and ‘Subject’ message headers.

If you want to keep your custom message headers, for example, to tell SparkPost which dedicated IP to use for email sending, check the “Keep Custom Headers” option and specify them.

2. Select Mailbox Providers.

Choose seed email addresses at mailbox providers to test your message. You can select/unselect email addresses individually or in blocks.

Click “Create Sending Account”.

Test Email Deliverability via Your SMTP Server with G-Lock Apps

3. Send the Message to the Proxy Email Address.

Copy your proxy email address and send the message to it.

Test Email Deliverability via Your SMTP Server with G-Lock Apps

Note: you can add as many sending accounts as you need and get a ‘proxy’ address for each account.

Important note!

Each ISP or mailbox provider stores information about the sender and outgoing mail servers used to send large volumes of emails to it. They track how the recipients engage with the received emails and over time each sender gains a reputation, good or otherwise. ISPs update their filtering algorithm on a regular basis depending on how they treat the sender at this time. In your GlockApps dashboard, you can see your current sender reputation and know if any of ISPs such as Gmail, or popular filters are flagging your email as spam.


Julia Gulevich is an email marketing expert and customer support professional at GlockSoft LLC with more than 15 years of experience. Author of numerous blog posts, publications, and articles about email marketing and deliverability.