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Test Inbox Deliverability and Spam Score of a GetResponse Email Campaign

You can use the GlockApps testing tools with any email service provider or email software to test the Inbox delivery and spam score of your email campaign before sending it to the list of real subscribers.

In this tutorial, we’re going to guide you through the steps how to use the GlockApps free email spam checker to test GetResponse email campaigns.

Login to your GlockApps account.

Click Start Test.

Test GetResponse email deliverability

Choose Internet service providers you want to test your email with and click “Next.” We recommend that you test your email with all available providers and spam filters.

Copy the seed list to clipboard. (Do not close “Start Spam Test” screen as you will need it again later.)

Test GetResponse email deliverability

Go to your GetResponse account and under the "Contacts" tab choose "Import Contacts".

Paste the seed list addresses in GetResponse and click “Import Contacts”.

Test GetResponse email deliverability

Complete further steps to import the seed list into GetResponse.

Note: your seed list is constant. Once imported, you can re-use it to test as many email campaigns as you want.

When your seed list was imported, go to “Campaigns” and create a newsletter.

Before you save or send the message, go to GlockApps and copy the test ID.

Test GetResponse email deliverability

Paste the test ID into the message body or HTML source at any place.

Attention! Do not put the test ID to the Subject line. GlockApps does not look for the test ID in the Subject.

Click "Next Step".

Test GetResponse email deliverability

Choose the campaign and click “Next Step”.

Review the campaign summary and click “Send”.

Test GetResponse email deliverability

Wait until your campaign is sent, then go to GlockApps and click "View Results".

Test GetResponse email deliverability

Here is the sample report of the email sent through our GetResponse account. Note that your report may show different results because the deliverability depends not only on the email service provider but also on your sender email address reputation, domain reputation, message content, and recipient engagement (when you send to the real list of subscribers.)



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