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Email Branding for Better Inbox Experience and Deliverability

Email Branding for Better Inbox Experience and Deliverability

In an email marketing world, your brand domain is like your identity in the real life.

It's the thing that allows the recipients of your marketing and transactional messages to recognize your messages. It's the thing that helps you build trust and relationship with your recipients and customers. And you must keep that trust because your business often depends on it.

Sender Reputation: How to Avoid Spam Folder Placement

Sender Reputation: How to Avoid Spam Folder Placement

Businesses and companies don’t always give priority to their email marketing programs focusing on developing new products, setting up goals and planning the strategies. They often start optimizing the email programs when their open rates drop in times. But the success of the business is closely connected with the success of the email program. The more messages go to the user’s Inbox, the more revenue the company gets.

Email Marketer’s Guide: What You Need to Know about Outlook

Email Marketer's Guide: What You Need to Know about Outlook

Hotmail was one of the first web based email services launched in 1996. It was rebranded as in 2013 to align with Microsoft’s desktop email application Outlook. At present, is one of the leading global mailbox providers with 400+ million active users.

Deliverability to and domains concerns a lot of email marketers as Microsoft has the strongest filtering system which often times sends quite legitimate emails to the spam or junk folder.

Email Marketer’s Guide: What You Need to Know about Gmail

Email Marketer's Guide: What You Need to Know about Gmail

Email filters used by mailbox providers do a good job – they keep spam out of our Inboxes. But from the other side, “thanks” to spam filters, every fifth legitimate email never reaches the intended recipient.

What’s more is that every mailbox provider uses its own filtering algorithm to distinguish good emails and spam. It makes it even harder for email marketers to deliver their emails to the Inbox.

Here we’ll take the mystery off to make senders understand the filtering rules of the top three mailbox providers – Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo!Mail – and help them send their legitimate emails to the Inbox.

The Part I of our Email Marketer’s Guide is dedicated to Gmail.

How to Avoid Spam Filters When Sending Emails

How to Avoid Spam Filters When Sending Emails

How to avoid spam filters? Many, if not only every single email marketer has ever asked this question. Spam filters seem to be the main obstacle on the way to the recipient’s Inbox.

Probably you’ll be disappointed if we say that it is not possible to avoid spam filters, but you have to accept that fact. Spam filters are a part of the email delivery process. When you send an email, it is filtered: to the Inbox, to a special tab, to a spam folder, or it is blocked completely.

Filters play a massive role in the email deliverability. That’s why our goal at GlockApps is to help our users understand how spam filters work, how mailbox providers use them, and how to get the emails filtered to the Inbox.

Email Deliverability Best Practices

Email Deliverability Best Practices

Let's be honest: email marketing is nothing without deliverability. Don't believe anyone telling you otherwise. If your email is delivered, it can be seen, read, and clicked on. And if you can increase your email deliverability by even just 2-3%, it can significantly increase your ROI.

But considering smart filtering systems employed by mailbox and Internet service providers, achieving high deliverability rates is not easy.

Testing via Proxy Email Address

If you’re operating your own mail server or email account with a delivery vendor like Amazon SES, SendGrid or other you can use this option. It is simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Enter your SMTP settings in GlockApps.
2. Select mailbox providers for testing.
3. Send your email to the proxy email address.

GlockApps will automatically re-send the message to the seed email addresses at mailbox providers you chose.

This option eliminates the need for you to copy-paste the entire seed list and test id to your email software. You only need to send your message to the single proxy email address. And our system will do the rest.

You can create multiple email accounts in the GlockApps email spam checker tool using different SMTP settings and send tests via each account.

9 Questions You Should Be Asking If You Have Deliverability Issues

Real Tips to Avoid Deliverability Issues

Email marketing is the most convenient means of reaching new and existing customers and subscribers throughout the year. Companies and online marketers can send email marketing campaigns to introduce their products and services, showcase new features, promote their blogs, and give exclusive offers to re-engage customers who haven't been active in a while.

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