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How to Set up IP Reputation Uptime Monitor?

An IP Uptime Monitor checks the given IP address against the most popular public blacklists. If you send emails from a dedicated IP address, you’ll want to make sure that the IP reputation is good and that no blacklisting issue affects your ability to deliver email campaigns to the user’s Inbox.

To add an IP uptime monitor, click the “Create” button in the Uptime Monitor dashboard and fill the fields in the form:

GlockApps: IP Reputation Monitor settings

Name – enter a monitor name.

Tags – enter a tag for the monitor (optional). Tags allows to filter the monitors.

Type – select IP.

Interval – select the IP address checking interval. The interval for IP monitors starts with 6 hours.

Region – select the region: US East (N.Virginia) or Europe (Ireland). GlockApps uses two servers located in two regions and using different IP addresses.

IP – enter the IP address that you want to monitor against blacklists. You can create the monitors for more than one IP at a time by clicking the link.

Set the “Active” option to On.

Set “Enable Alerts” to On if you want to receive alerts when the IP blacklisting issue is detected.

Alerts can be sent via one or multiple channels set up in Notification Integrations. The default channel is set up via email.

Set “Open a new form after saving” to On if you want to add a new IP monitor afterwards. 

Click “Add Monitor” when you’re done.

What Do the Monitor Statuses Mean?

When the monitor is working, it shows the status of the IP address on the progressive bar. The green bar means the IP address is clean. The red bar means the IP address is blacklisted.

Click on the monitor name to get a detailed report.

The meanings of the statuses are:

Clean – the IP address is not found on any of the blacklists available in the GlockApps database

Blacklisted in XX – the IP address is found on XX blacklists 

Inactive – monitor is inactive

When the IP address is blacklisted, the information about the blacklists that have the IP on record is shown in the Response Text area. There you can find the URL of the page that gives detailed information about the listing. 

The Events panel provides a detailed log of the IP checks. Here you can get the following information:

Event – shows the IP status for the indicated date and time (Clean or Blacklisted)

Date – shows the date and time of the event (IP check)

Duration – shows how much time the event status lasts. The tool shows the event status one time per day if it didn’t change. The time when the event status is shown is not fixed. It is calculated approximately. But if a new check detects the status change, it shows the new status immediately.

Response – shows the response returned by the IP monitor. 

GlockApps: IP Reputation Monitor report

How to Fix IP Blacklisting Issue

Click on the “Request Delisting” green button and read about the de-listing process on the blacklist website. Some blacklists automatically remove the IP from their database some time after the IP stops sending emails reported as spam. If they do, you don’t need to follow the delisting process. 

If the listing doesn’t automatically expire, you have to follow the de-listing process to get your IP off the blacklist. It may be different for each blacklist. Carefully read the instructions on the blacklist website.

To stay away from the blacklists in the future, you’ll want to verify your email lists and email campaigns. Are you sending messages to confirmed email recipients? Are you sending the content they requested? Are you sending to valid email addresses? Are you sending too much? Following best email practices will minimize the risk of your IP getting on the blacklists again.

Read more: How to Remove IP Address from Blacklists

Updated on October 26, 2022

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