Getting Started with GlockApps

Equip yourself with the best tools to maximize your email marketing success.

GlockApps has developed an all-in-one solution to help businesses and marketers identify and solve their email deliverability issues from start to finish.

Do you know who is sending emails from your domain? Where do your emails land in your recipient’s mailbox? Is your domain blacklisted?

Test, monitor, and improve your campaign’s success with the GlockApps suite of email deliverability tools.

Inbox Insight

Test your email deliverability to find out where your emails land. Our Inbox Insight tool gives you a Sender Score (out of 100) and shows you where your emails are delivered in your recipient’s mailbox: Primary Inbox, Promotions Tab,  or Spam Folder.

DMARC Analytics

Monitor your email traffic, authentication, and authorized senders all in one place. Our DMARC Analyzer gives you complete visibility over your email program’s security performance to ensure all emails sent from your domain are authorized and authenticated.

Uptime Monitor

Receive instant alerts about changes in your email authentication, if you are blacklisted, or if your website is down. Our Uptime Monitor will alert you as soon as anything suspicious occurs with your email program’s security.

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