Top 25 DMARC Data Providers of 2024

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Using DMARC: Strengthening Email Security and Improving Deliverability

As you may already know, email security is critical to ensuring proper communication. One of the most important tools in this area is the DMARC protocol, which ensures the authenticity of emails and provides valuable information about email activity to reduce the risk of phishing and fraud.

One more powerful feature of DMARC is to improve email deliverability and reduce the likelihood of your legitimate emails being marked as spam or not being delivered at all.

To recap, Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance is a system of email validation that protects your email domain from being used for sending phishing emails, scams, or other spam.

DMARC includes two methods of email authentication: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM). SPF gives you the ability to specify which IP addresses in your domain are authorized for sending email. DKIM provides a digital signature to outgoing emails. The receiving server checks SPF to verify that the source of the message is trustworthy, and DKIM to make sure that the message hasn’t been altered in transit.

The reporting capability of DMARC is another great aspect. By publishing a DMARC record in your domain’s DNS, you have access to comprehensive information about the sources that are sending emails on behalf of your domain.

Looking deeper into the 2024 data, the DMARC data provisioning industry has evolved, with numerous players competing to offer users top-notch services. In this article, we’ve gathered the latest stats on this year’s top 25 DMARC data providers, which allow organizations to strengthen their email security and deliverability. So keep reading, there is a lot of useful information ahead.

What Are DMARC Reports: Brief Overview

A DMARC report is a document that is generated and sent by an inbound mail server to a domain owner. In essence, these reports provide valuable information about the email traffic sent from the domain, showing the percentage of emails that passed or failed the DMARC assessment, the sources of the emails, and other important details.

DMARC reports enable you to resolve SPF and DKIM authentication issues that may be causing your emails to be marked as spam. By addressing authentication issues, you can improve your domain’s reputation and increase your email deliverability

DMARC provides visibility to external sources, including ESPs and ISPs, ensuring increased security options for email delivery. The purpose of these reports is to allow domain owners to track the use of their domains in email correspondence and take steps to protect their domains from email spoofing, i.e. unauthorized use. DMARC reports are an important tool for domain owners who want to protect their brand and keep their email domain integrity.

Top 25 DMARC Data Providers List

We have selected a list of the most popular DMARC data providers that have been in the highest demand among our DMARC Analyzer service users and the number of emails they sent in 2024:

DMARC Data ProviderEmails Volume
1google.com2.47 billion
2Yahoo445.85 million
3Enterprise Outlook192.49 million
4Outlook.com185.36 million
5comcast.net32.17 million a.s.24.31 million
7Mimecast13.84 million
8Cisco3.29 million
9wp.pl2.70 million
10AMAZON-SES2.64 million
11centrum.cz2.32 million
12Mail.Ru1.94 million
13emailsrvr.com1.58 million
14zoho.com1.30 million
15interia.pl844.77 thousand
16GoDaddy.com762.20 thousand
17Area 1 Security748.20 thousand
18Fastmail Pty Ltd557.11 thousand
19edf.fr197.42 thousand
20proximus.be191.32 thousand
21domeneshop.no178.53 thousand
22optum.com169.87 thousand
23synaq.com159.74 thousand
24infomaniak.com141.90 thousand
25SpamTitan Cloud128.20 thousand
Top 25 DMARC Data Providers List


*AOL is not included in this list because AOL is now part of Yahoo.

*Cisco refers to the service offered by Cisco (Cisco Secure Email), which means emails are directed not to the domain but to other domains associated with this service.

*Similar logic applies to other reporters.

Does DMARC Really Impact Email Deliverability?

Absolutely, DMARC is more than just about protecting your email. It also directly impacts email deliverability. DMARC tells email service providers how to handle your emails based on authentication or spam rating.

You can significantly improve your email deliverability by publishing a DMARC record, using the report results to improve authentication results, and implementing a DMARC policy.

Setting up a DMARC record with a rejection policy prevents spoofing by ensuring that only authenticated messages are sent from your domain. This step helps you maintain a positive sender score and domain reputation, which will result in better email deliverability.

We’ve already created comprehensive guides for you on using this powerful tool.

Learn More:

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DMARC stands out as a comprehensive and robust email authentication protocol. Its reporting process allows organizations to receive summary information on the delivery of their emails. In this article, you can find a list of the top DMARC data providers selected and trusted by our customers in 2024.

As a domain owner, take advantage of our DMARC Analyzer, which offers 10,000 free DMARC messages every month. Publish your DMARC record, set your preferred policy using and enjoy features such as sending DMARC Aggregate reports to GlockApps, reviewing sender IP addresses, SPF and DKIM signatures, DMARC reports, and evaluating your published policies and DMARC records.

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