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After your message reached a mailbox provider, what happened? Marketers need tools to measure their Inbox placement and determine whether their messages are reaching their recipients or getting stuck in spam folders.

With G-Lock Apps email spam checker you will know your Inbox placement and detect potential delivery issues before you send real email campaigns.

G-Lock Apps provides valuable diagnostic information including SPF and DKIM authentication, blacklist checking, spam scoring, and more. Message placement reports show if you land in the Inbox and easily track when you don’t. You can use G-Lock Apps with any email service provider or program.

The Inbox Delivery test results are delivered in real-time. In the report, you can see your sender authentication test (DKIM and SPF), different spam filter tests and spam score, email placement at different Internet providers including Gmail Tabs tracking, and the delivery duration. These valuable email placement reports help you track and fix possible deliverability problems to land in the recipient’s Inbox.

Inbox placement and spam filtering report

Delivery duration tracking allows you to determine if there is an issue with the Internet Service provider throttling. Rather than blocking your emails altogether, some Internet providers delay the delivery of emails when the volume passes a certain threshold. This can be particularly harmful for time-sensitive promotions or important transaction emails.

If your subscription plan allows, you can add your sending IP address to the IP Reputation Monitor and make the system check your sending IP address against dozens of blacklists on a regular basis. Our global blacklist coverage includes Spamhaus, SURBL, SORBS, and more.

IP reputation monitor report

IP Reputation Monitor was designed with the flexibility and speed to notify you of listings as soon as possible. You can set up email notifications to be quickly notified if an issue occurs. If you enable email alerts, you will receive email notifications about the changes of your IP status in real time.

Blacklists can dramatically alter your ability to deliver email. So, if your Inbox deliverability suffers and you are mostly in the “red” zone, IP Reputation Monitor helps you diagnose and solve deliverability issues for continuous sending to the recipient’s Inbox.

All your tests and test results are saved to your account and you can access them at any time.

The only way to find out exactly why an email is getting blocked by spam filters is to systematically test each variable. Change your subject line and send a test. If it’s still blocked, change a link. Test again. Still blocked? Rewrite your content. Test again. You get the drift, and it’s an exhausting drift.

We hope G-Lock Apps will help you maximize your Inbox delivery. Enjoy!

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