How to Find and Fix Email Deliverability Issues

In this tutorial, we provide tips how to test each element of your email program in order to find and fix the cause of your deliverability issues, increase your Inbox placement, and open rates, and drive your revenue.

In the world of email marketing, deliverability is a priority. No email marketers want their emails to end up in the spam folder. But despite all the best efforts emails do sometimes end up in the spam folder, even with clear subject lines, great designs with the perfect ratio of live text to images, and having a regular send pattern.

Has this happened to any of you guys here? What’s an email marketer to do?

If you’re interested in how email deliverability works, how to send better emails and troubleshoot your email placement, and how to grow your business with email, this guide is for you.

Testing via Proxy Email Address

If you’re operating your own mail server or email account with a delivery vendor like Amazon SES, SendGrid or other you can use this option. It is simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Enter your SMTP settings in GlockApps.
2. Select mailbox providers for testing.
3. Send your email to the proxy email address.

GlockApps will automatically re-send the message to the seed email addresses at mailbox providers you chose.

This option eliminates the need for you to copy-paste the entire seed list and test id to your email software. You only need to send your message to the single proxy email address. And our system will do the rest.

You can create multiple email accounts in the GlockApps email spam checker tool using different SMTP settings and send tests via each account.

How to Process Feedback Loops

What Feedback Loops Are

Feedback loop (FBL) is the mechanism by which Internet service providers (ISPs) report spam complaints to senders. Spam complaints (or abuse complaints) are generated when a subscriber clicks the "Report as spam" button in their email client. The ISP forwards the complained message back to a designated email address that has been set up by you or your email service provider (ESP).

Test Inbox Delivery and Spam Score of a MailerLite Email Campaign

No matter what email sending software or email service provider you are using to send email campaigns, you can use the GlockApps free email spam checker to test the Inbox delivery and spam score of your email campaign before you send it to the list of real subscribers.

In this tutorial, we’re going to guide you through the steps how to use GlockApps for testing MailerLite email campaigns.

Test Inbox Delivery and Spam Score of a MailChimp Campaign

G-Lock Apps spam filter tester integrates with MailChimp which makes it very easy to test the Inbox placement and spam score of an email campaign created in MailChimp.

GlockApps will create a new audience (“GlockApps Delivery Monitor Seeds”) in your MailChimp account to import our test email addresses, and will display a list of your existing campaigns. When you run a spam test for one of your campaigns, GlockApps will duplicate it and send it to our test list.

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