Test Inbox Delivery and Spam Score of a MailChimp Campaign

G-Lock Apps spam filter tester integrates with MailChimp which makes it very easy to test the Inbox placement and spam score of an email campaign created in MailChimp.

GlockApps will create a new audience (“GlockApps Delivery Monitor Seeds”) in your MailChimp account to import our test email addresses, and will display a list of your existing campaigns. When you run a spam test for one of your campaigns, GlockApps will duplicate it and send it to our test list.

How to Test Inbox Placement and Spam Score with GlockApps

There’s no reason to send emails without confidence that they will land in the Inbox.

Email delivery problems can happen at any time when ISPs start sending your emails to the spam folder, or blocking them altogether.

In order to identify and fix delivery problems before they cause significant harm to your business, we recommend running GlockApps Inbox placement and spam filtering tests regularly.

Test Inbox Delivery and Spam Score of a Benchmark Email Campaign

No matter what email sending software or email service provider you are using to send email campaigns, you can use the GlockApps free email spam checker to test the Inbox delivery and spam score of your email campaign before you send it to the list of real subscribers.

In this article, we’re going to guide you through the steps how to use G-Lock Apps Inbox delivery/spam score tests for Benchmark email campaigns.

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