Using a Custom MAIL FROM Domain for Bounce Email Handling

Note: the Bounce Monitor is only available in the Business, Marketing and custom subscription plans

In order we can process bounce and feedback loop emails for you, you must forward your bounces to the GlockApps email spam checker tool.

You can choose any of the two methods below to organize the forwarding process:

Method 1. Forward Bounces to Your Personal Address.

In your account under the Bounce Handler Settings, you can find your unique email address.

Setup your mail agent to forward all your bounce and feedback loop (fbl) emails to that email address.

We will accept and process all the emails coming to that address from you.

Method 2. Route Bounces Directly to GlockApps.

You can setup your custom domain or subdomain and configure your MX records to point to our mail servers.

Just follow these simple steps:

1  Choose a domain that you would like to monitor for bounce emails to be processed by GlockApps. We recommend a separate subdomain, for example

2  In your DNS configuration, create an MX record that points to and give it a value of 10.

Inbound Domain Forwarding for Bounce Email Handling

Inbound Domain Forwarding for Bounce Email Handling

3  In your GlockApps Bounce Manager -> Settings, copy the first part of your personal bounce email address and add it to your bounce domain

Inbound Domain Forwarding for Bounce Email Handling

Your custom email address will look like this

Bounce emails will be routed directly to the GlockApps tool for processing.

For agencies:

You can also use a wildcard in your inbound domain such as * which will route all messages addressed to any subdomain of to your GlockApps endpoint.

For example, if you register * with GlockApps and your DNS host, you can then use a return (bounce) email address such as and it will be routed to your GlockApps endpoint.

Important! The allowed industry bounce rate is less than 5%-10% and FBL email rate is less than 0,2%. If your bounce and FBL email rates are higher than the industry standards, it’s a sign of a bad list acquisition and maintenance method and most email service providers will suspend your account.

So you need to make sure that you have a working process of removing complaining recipients and recipients whose email addresses have bounced from your subscriber list.


Julia Gulevich is an email marketing expert and customer support professional at GlockSoft LLC with more than 15 years of experience. Author of numerous blog posts, publications, and articles about email marketing and deliverability.