How GlockApps Helps Emails Reach Their Inbox Destination

This is the guest post written by Diana Lascu.

What Brought Flipsnack to GlockApps?

Email is one of Flipsnack’s most powerful marketing and communication tools. Not only is it the main channel to reach our users, but it also allows us to tailor different messages for different audiences, and send them emails at the best time.

When I started as the Email Marketing Specialist at Flipsnack, I noticed there was a gap in our sending emails’ chain. We weren’t using any type of third-party tools regarding spam and deliverability testing before GlockApps. Thus before actually sending out emails, we didn’t know what would happen to them and whether they would reach their inbox destination or not. We didn’t have any analytics regarding email placement, and this was something that we really needed.


“Deliverability is a crucial aspect of our email marketing, and one of the main things we are always focused on improving. It was extremely important for us to find the best spam testing tool.”

One of my co-workers recommended to try GlockApps back in 2018, and from then on, I have only been using this software. After checking their website, I discovered a very flexible pricing range, so we opted out for buying test credits.

In GlockApps, I found more than just a spam testing tool. It is a one-stop-shop, where I can easily perform spam tests as well as check the deliverability rate for all our emails before sending them into the world. It provides all the insights I was looking for.

How Did GlockApps Improve Email Deliverability for Flipsnack?

Once I started performing spam tests in GlockApps it was like the curtain had fallen off and I could see the whole picture: what we were lacking in our email templates and where our emails were landing.

In GlockApps tests, the process is quite simple: I only have to download a CSV with the seed list and upload it in our email system; copy/paste code directly in the email I want to test and hit the send button. In a matter of minutes, I get a whole diagnosis that covers “deliverability” and “content analysis.” The three main groups in this category provide insights regarding the HTML code, images, links, and spam content.

The great benefit of using GlockApps was that apart from detecting any issues you might have with your email, they also provide “action steps” that you can take to fix those problems. It turned out to be especially helpful when I didn’t have much time on my hands and need to send emails as fast as possible.

After our very first test, I could see that we should improve our HTML code and work more towards image optimization and avoiding spammy words. Some of the problems that GlockApps signaled for us were extra blank spaces in our code, images that didn’t have an Alt text, too many links included in one email, and issues regarding IP reputation.

GlockApps equips your every email with the overall score. Once you have at least 80 %, you get the green light indicating that it’s safe to send the email. As an email marketer, I find it very reassuring to know from the start that my emails are going to reach their inbox destination. Following the action steps that GlockApps suggested, I managed to raise the overall score from less than 70% up to 92%. It has translated into a much higher deliverability rate.

It is the deliverability section that I find especially valuable. It allows me to check all the major email providers and email placement for each of them (Inbox, Promotions, or Spam). Using this tool, I managed to get a 10% higher open rates.

Overall, GlockApps has noticeably improved the success of our emails. It became an essential tool for Flipsnack’s email sending process. Our emails are getting better deliverability, higher open rates, and reaching more of our users.

How GlockApps Helps Emails Reach Their Inbox Destination

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Diana Lascu is the Email Marketing Specialist at Flipsnack. Passionate about reaching only Inbox, foodie at heart and spare time tennis lover. Founded in 2011, Flipsnack is an online page-flip catalog maker used by over one million people and organizations around the world to create interactive publications. Users are able to convert PDF files into page-flip catalogs, or design publications directly in Flipsnack by leveraging the hundreds of professionally designed catalog templates and an easy-to-use design tool in the platform.