Proxy Test: How It Helps in Deliverability

Proxy Test

Online Proxy Testing Tool

GlockApps provides a unique proxy testing solution designed to streamline and simplify your deliverability checking process and address any issues in time. This option has been specifically crafted for your convenience, accessible by setting up your sending account within our Inbox Insight application. Let’s delve into the details and explore all the benefits.

What Is an Email Proxy Test?

By its basic definition, a proxy is an authority or a document giving such power to act for another. In general, a proxy is an intermediary or a substitute appointed to act on behalf of another entity or user, often serving as a gateway between two or more parties.

An email proxy test is a method used to assess the deliverability and performance of emails by simulating real conditions without actually sending messages to real recipients. In this process, a proxy email address is created, which serves as an intermediary for sending test emails. Instead of directly sending emails to actual recipients, messages are sent to this proxy email address, and then our tool automatically forwards them to the selected seed email addresses across the mailbox providers you’ve specified.

What Is a Proxy Email Address in Deliverability Testing?

A proxy email address, in the context of deliverability testing, refers to an intermediary email address that receives your message.

Once the email message is received by the proxy address, it is then distributed to a predefined list of test email addresses, often referred to as a “seed list”, which represents various email providers and spam filters, allowing marketers to assess factors such as inbox placement rate, spam rate, sender score, delivery timing, and content analysis results. These seed addresses have been carefully selected to simulate the diverse email environments that real recipients may use.

The purpose of conducting an email proxy test is to evaluate how an email will be treated by different email service providers, spam filters, and mailbox providers. The regular testing process helps optimize email campaigns for improved deliverability and engagement. By analyzing all factors, email senders can gain insights into the effectiveness of their email campaigns and identify any potential deliverability issues.

Overall, email proxy testing provides a controlled environment to assess the deliverability and performance of emails before sending them to a larger audience, helping to optimize email marketing strategies and maximize engagement with recipients.

The Main Benefits of Proxy Testing

Our proxy testing solution is ideal for email marketers seeking to optimize their campaigns by checking deliverability metrics on time. Whether you’re looking to improve your inbox placement, refine your content to avoid spam filters, or improve overall engagement, our proxy tests help you achieve your goals effectively.

Here are the main advantages of testing with a proxy email address:

1. Speed and Ease of Test Creation.

No need to manually start tests, receive email address lists, or insert unique IDs for tests into emails. Simply send your email to a single proxy address without copy-pasting of the entire seed list.

2. No Need to Update Test Lists.

When sending emails to a seed list, you do not need to update the test list in your provider, our service will automatically use the up-to-date list.

3. Compatibility with Any Service.

You can send emails to a proxy address using any service or account. The email will be delivered to the test list through the sending account linked to the proxy address.

4. Real-Time Testing at the Moment of Actual Email Sending.

Include a proxy address in your real contact list during the current email campaign. Your email will be sent to the proxy address, and our service will generate a test with a detailed report.

5. Regeneration Proxy Addresses for Security.

You can use the same proxy email address for as long as you need. Additionally, you can regenerate your proxy email address from time to time to prevent unauthorized access to your account and protect your credits from being spent by third parties.

6. You Can Use Proxy Tests with Any IP – Dedicated or Shared.

Proxy is available to all users who can create a sending account with SMTP settings in our service. For instance, many users rely on Google for their mailing needs. They can create sending accounts with Google servers. However, Google typically sends emails through a pool of shared IP addresses. Therefore, the type of IP address used is not crucial for proxy testing purposes. Whether it’s a dedicated or shared IP, the GlockApps proxy testing feature remains effective and reliable.

7. It Does Not Harm Your IP Reputation.

Using a proxy address does not affect your reputation as a sender. If you are concerned about whether using a proxy as an intermediary when conducting a test will not affect you, don’t worry, it doesn’t harm your IP reputation in any way, but only speeds up and improves your deliverability testing process.

Consequently, our online proxy testing tool offers invaluable benefits for email marketers to simplify their workflow routine. With the information received from testing, you can achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently. We have also created a detailed and informative tutorial on how to use the proxy test, which you can find here.

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