Holiday Email Ideas for Customers and Employees (+ Free Templates)

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The holiday season is a great time to reach out to both your customers and the employees who keep your company afloat. A holiday greeting, update, or acknowledgment can boost spirits, build community, and keep audiences engaged while still being respectful of those who are not celebrating a holiday in that particular timeframe. If you know the right words, a holiday email can make a world of difference. Whether for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Labour Day, or any other special event, we cover a variety of ideas here and offer some free holiday email templates below that you can use and adapt.

Key Components of Effective Holiday Emails

Personalization: address recipients by name to create a personal touch.

Clarity in Message: clearly communicate the purpose of the email. Is it to inform them about holiday hours, express gratitude, or celebrate a specific holiday?

Warmth and Tone: keep the tone warm and friendly to spread holiday cheer.

Call-to-Action: include a specific call-to-action if needed, like checking out a holiday sale, signing up for a holiday event, or simply wishing others a happy holiday.

Visuals: use themed visuals to make your email festive and engaging.

Optimization: ensure the email looks good on mobile devices as many users will access their email through their phones.

Here are some great examples of holiday emails from GlockApps and other companies:

Respecting Subscriber Preferences

An essential aspect of sending out holiday emails is considering the diverse backgrounds and preferences of your subscribers. Holidays are highly emotionally charged times of the year, and some simply aren’t celebrated universally, so it’s important to respect these differences. Give your subscribers the power to opt in or opt out of holiday-themed emails if you want those emails to be both effective and considerate.

How to Implement:

Initial Opt-In Option

When subscribers first sign up for your emails, include an option for them to select the types of emails they wish to receive. This can include a specific checkbox for holiday messages.

Dedicated Preference Email

Send an email specifically asking your subscribers if they would like to receive emails about upcoming holidays. This shows that you value their comfort and preferences, enhancing the trust in your brand.

Easy Opt-Out Process

Ensure that every holiday email includes a clear and easy way to opt out of future holiday messages without unsubscribing from other types of communication. This respects the recipient’s preferences while maintaining their engagement with your brand.

Free Templates for Specific Holidays

1. Christmas Holiday Email to Employees.

Subject Line: Wishing You a Joyous Holiday Season from All of Us at [Company Name]!
Email Body:
Dear Team,
As we reflect on the past year, we are reminded of the resilience, dedication, and spirit of collaboration that each of you has brought to our workplace. The holiday season is a wonderful time for reflection and gratitude, and it is in this spirit that we extend our sincerest thanks to you.
Please note that our offices will be closed from [start date] to [end date] so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy this festive time with loved ones. We encourage you to take this time to rest, recharge, and celebrate the season in your own special way.
We're incredibly grateful for all your hard work throughout the year and are looking forward to what we will accomplish together in the coming year. Wishing you a magical holiday filled with joy, laughter, and peace.
Warmest holiday wishes,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]

2. Valentine’s Day Email to Employees.

Subject Line: Spreading Love and Appreciation to Our Team This Valentine’s Day!
Email Body:
Dear [Employee Name],
Today is Valentine’s Day—a day to celebrate love and cherish the relationships we have, both personal and professional. We want to take this opportunity to express how much we appreciate the passion, energy, and creativity you bring to our team every day.
We hope you spend today feeling recognized and valued, knowing that your contributions make a significant impact on our success. Here's to enjoying the day with happiness and feeling appreciated—not just today, but every day.
Thank you for everything you do!
Best wishes,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]

3. Father’s/Mother’s Day Email to Employees.

Subject Line: Celebrating the Wonderful Parents of Our Team on [Father’s/Mother’s Day]!
Email Body:
Dear [Employee Name],
On this special day, we take a moment to recognize and appreciate all the amazing parents in our team, like you. Your ability to balance professional commitments with family life is nothing short of inspiring.
We hope today provides you with the opportunity to reflect on the joyous responsibilities of parenthood and enjoy some well-deserved recognition. May your day be filled with love, laughter, and the joy of family.
Thank you for all that you do, at work and at home. Warm regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]

4. Labour Day Email to Employees.

Subject Line: Honoring Your Dedication This Labour Day at [Company Name]!
Email Body:
Dear Team,
As Labour Day approaches, we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate every member of our [Company Name] family. Today is a celebration of your hard work, dedication, and the invaluable contributions you make to our success.
Labour Day is a reminder of the strength and spirit of the workforce that drives our company forward. It is your efforts that foster our innovative environment and lead us toward new achievements. We hope you enjoy this well-deserved break and spend time doing what you love most. Thank you for your continuous efforts and for making [Company Name] a great place to work!
Warm regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]

5. International Women’s Day Email to Employees.

Subject Line: Celebrating the Remarkable Women at [Company Name] This International Women’s Day!
Email Body:
Dear Team,
Today, on International Women's Day, we take a moment to celebrate and honor the incredible women who are an integral part of our team at [Company Name]. We are proud to recognize the contributions, leadership, and talent of all the women in our company. Your resilience, wisdom, and courage inspire us daily and drive us towards a more equal and inclusive workplace. We are committed to supporting and empowering every woman in our team to achieve her fullest potential.
Thank you for your dedication and for bringing your best selves to work every day!
Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]

Tips for Sending Holiday Emails

Timing is Key

If you send out your holiday greeting card at the start of the season or right before the holidays, your recipients are likely to forget or dismiss it, while sending it too late in the season leaves your recipients less time to take action or to respond.

Segment Your Audience

Audience segmentation (also sometimes known as list segmentation or targeting) is used when you divide the recipients of your email into smaller groups, according to one or more criteria such as relationship with your organization (customers/employees), location, or previous interactions with your company. This practice is used to customize your messages according to the interests and needs of each group.

Follow Up

    So, while the initial email you send during the holiday might be a nice gesture, sending a follow-up can dramatically improve its effectiveness, particularly if you actually need your readers to do something in response to your message.

    Summing Up

    The holidays offer unique moments that can foster a genuine and personal connection with customers and employees alike. If you employ thoughtful resourcing and powerful messaging, your holiday emails can harness that moment to strengthen your brand’s relationships, lift your employees’ spirits, and keep them on the beat. Deliver holiday spirit with ease, use GlockApps to make sure your emails arrive where they belong ౼ right in the inbox!

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