Interactive Emails: Create A Strong Impression and Capture Subscribers’ Attention

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Interactive emails are at the cutting edge of digital marketing innovation. These emails enable recipients to interact with them, and encourage participation by including features like embedded videos, polls, and surveys. This transforms the monotonous process of reading a text-heavy email into something much more interesting and engaging. Not only are recipients likely to engage with interactive emails, but the experience is more memorable, even without any direct connections to the actual email content. This means that your readers would stay engaged with the brand for a longer period of time after viewing it than if they had interacted with a regular email.

Exploring the Power of Interactive Email Marketing

The more content is interactive, the more effective email is as a digital marketing tool. It increases user engagement and improves both brand recognition and subscriber retention by offering them a customized experience. Furthermore, interactive emails provide content marketers with insight into the preferences and behavior of their recipients, going forward helping them make more personalized and effective campaigns.

Implementing Interactivity Into Your Campaigns

Interactive emails serve a role in enhancing the experience for the subscriber in email campaigns. Here are a few types of interactive emails that can add a new level of interaction:

1. Emails with Embedded Videos.

Videos embedded within an email are a nice interaction for the user. This kind of email can be really helpful for product demos, tutorials or promotional content, as it offers more depth without requiring the user to be transferred out of their email client.

Carousels display rotating banners or other images that the user can interact with. They allow a subscriber to see more than one product, article, or feature within a single email, providing a dynamic browsing experience right inside their email client.

3. Interactive Polls and Surveys.

Embed polls or surveys into emails to get answers from subscribers as soon as the email is opened. Not only does it become an immersive experience for the subscriber, but it also gives the brand immediate feedback and strong endorsements from user responses.

4. Gamified Emails.

Including a gamification feature such as a spin-to-win wheel, a puzzle or a quiz can turn an email into something fun. This can change the way that people engage with the email, causing them to hover for longer, and encouraging them to click through to a website or make a purchase.

5. Call-to-Action Buttons.

Although straightforward, CTAs could be as simple as a button, or as elaborate as something that animates or changes color upon hover or click, which can help improve click-through rate because of the added visual appeal.

6. Dynamic Content Emails.

These emails make content changes to adapt to information known about users – perhaps showing different clothing items if the user has previously purchased in that category, or if the forecast says it’s snowing where the user lives. Dynamic content means that every subscriber is provided with a personalized and relevant experience.

7. Emails with Accordions or Tabs.

These are handy for breaking down huge chunks of information into manageable sections. Recipients can simply click on a tab or accordion header in order to see the information they’re interested in, keeping the email clean, compact, and interactive. This makes it a much better user experience than visually overloading your recipients.

8. Crafting an Engaging Interactive Email Signature.

An interactive email signature has the potential to become an invaluable extension of your brand. With clickable icons, photos of your team encasing important links, and even live vertical banners displaying the latest updates or offers, the signature uses every single email as an opportunity to provide value and create an association with your brand.

9. Revolutionizing Newsletters with Interactivity.

To take it a step further, embed interactive elements in your email newsletters to create memorable pieces of content that will keep your subscribers interested and wanting more. For instance, infographics don’t have to be just still images anymore: you could animate them in the newsletter or add a snippet of clickable content that directs people to an interactive web experience.

Navigating Challenges in Interactive Email Marketing

Interactive email can be a key asset in your email marketing strategy but requires careful handling. Videos, carousels, and other interactive elements have the potential to improve engagement but come with inherent challenges that need to be addressed.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

A further common issue is to ensure that the interactive elements of your email both look and work the same on every email client and device. HTML code might be rendered differently by different software and platforms, and this can result in issues where parts of your email do not display properly or the interactive parts do not work. Your only option here is regular testing, GlockApps is always there to help!

Impact on Email Deliverability

Interactivity can also cause deliverability issues. Spam filters might flag an email with lots of complex code and unusual elements, especially if they deviate significantly from what the filters are programmed to recognize. If you embed many animations, that will increase the size of your email, meaning longer load times – and potentially, higher bounce rates.


Interactive emails are revolutionizing the way we market through email. By embedding interactivity in emails, communications with our subscribers become much more vivid, relevant, and converting. In a world where digital landscapes evolve fast, the incorporation of interactive features into emails is surely important. By creating unique and memorable email experiences, brands can foster meaningful connections through distinctive, engaging, informative, and delightful emails that subscribers look forward to. You’re all set to capture everyone’s attention with mesmerizing emails but don’t forget to make sure they land right in the inbox with GlockApps.

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