Effective Email List Building and Management – Introduction

I. Introduction

   A. Why Building and Managing an Email List Matters

   B. Overview of Key Concepts and Strategies

   C. Addressing Common FAQs

According to various studies, every $1 spent on email marketing has an average return of $44. Therefore, email is the best, most cost-effective means of marketing for anyone, especially small businesses.

But you only waste your time and money that you spent preparing and sending an email campaign if your email doesn’t reach your subscriber’s Inbox.

According to GlockApps reports, very few email marketers achieve the Inbox Placement rate of at least 90%. The average of Inbox Placement performance for the last 30 days is 47%, calculated based on the email activity of all our customers.

GlockApps: average deliverability by providers

Why does this number matter so much? If you send one million emails, for every 1% you improve your Inbox Placement rate, you get 10,000 more emails to your recipients’ Inboxes, and that makes a lot more opportunities for your email to be opened, read, and acted on.

Managing email deliverability is a science because, in modern email marketing, content does not matter as much as it was before. Spammers easily trick content filters.

Nowadays, mailbox providers and spam filtering systems evaluate your sending reputation and recipient engagement when making Inbox and spam folder placement decisions. If you have a good reputation, in most cases your reputation will beat any content issues.

Your sender reputation is like your credit score. It’s built by your sending habits. Mailbox providers look at what you send, whom you send, how much you send, and how people react to your emails. 

In terms of email marketing, a sender reputation is determined by the quality of your email lists, user complaint rate, bounce rate, spam trap hit rate, and subscriber engagement (opens, clicks, spam markings, deletions).

In this article, we’ll talk about one aspect of email marketing that is often underestimated by marketers, but that directly impacts whether or not your email is delivered to the Inbox. It’s the mailing list.

The way you build and maintain your email list influences what sender reputation the ISP will assign to you. Oftentimes, the core of poor deliverability lies in poor list management practices. 

With that said, below we’ll cover the key concepts and best strategies on building, growing and managing an email list and address the most common questions email marketers ask when they start troubleshooting deliverability.

Dive into our complete guide to find all the answers to your burning email marketing questions!

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