Halloween is Not Cancelled: How to Trick-or-Treat Online!

Halloween is Not Cancelled: How to Trick-or-Treat Online! illustration

Too many holiday celebrations have already suffered from this year’s pandemic, so our team has decided: enough is enough!

Just like us, you have probably anticipated the candy, costumes, parties, and other festivities. So we thought, how could we boost that Halloween spirit in the context of staying at home to be safe?

The answer was obvious: email! There are 3.9 billion email users in the world (according to Statista report for 2019, so even more today). It makes this a perfect way to reach a business partner, distant relative, or a neighbor.

they said email almost die

And, since Halloween is incomplete without trick-or-treating, we’ve decided to fix exactly this part. So, without further ado, we present you trick-or-treating email templates!

Halloween Templates

How to use:

  1. Download an email template you like best (or worst – depending on whom you’re sending it to).
  2. Take a photo in your awesome Halloween costume.
  3. Add your photo to the template and voila! You are ready to send it to everyone you want (and yes, we have a template specifically for your business partners)!
  4. Where’s the treat part, you may ask? Well, with every email sent you can add your mailing address to receive candy!

If you’re having trouble posting your template – feel free to ask us in a live chat!

Our team is ready for the online partying, and we’re giving out Halloween treats! To get one click here.

our team
Pssst. Want to send Halloween email to your business partners in bulk? Run a spam test to make sure they get it.

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