DRBL node Gremlin.RU

Status: Active
Website: gremlin.ru/soft/drbl/en.html
Removal: gremlin.ru/soft/drbl/en.html#removemenow

DRBL stands for Distributed Realtime Black List. Instead of a proprietary database controlled by certain people, DRBL offers every network to establish its own database and share it with colleagues. DRBL method of operation is similar to other DNS-based blacklists, but the main difference is in (1) using many “local” databases instead of one centralized and (2) sharing information among them, so many other networks can make decisions whether some server is a junk generator and has to be banned, and ever do that automatically by getting and analyzing such information from different sources.

Listing Policy

The DRBL project’s main mission is to provide a mechanism to share local filters written for particular mail servers by their administrators. There are very different sites in the project, from large ISPs to private hobbysts’ mailers. Each administrator has his/her own policies and considerations on what he/she doesn’t want to accept. The only limitation is that the administrator must use his own zone himself. But you don’t really need to be a spammer to get to someone’s local filter. It’s not an abuse to make a filter: when you own a server, it is your right and your privilege to make decisions what mail to accept and what to reject. No one is forced to use anyone’s voting zone, it’s a matter of trust and private considerations. But no one can be forced not to use any filters as well.