Suomispam Reputation Database

Status: Active
Removal: IP addresses are delisted on the operator’s request once the spam problem has been dealt with.!policy

Suomispam is a reputation database for IP addresses deemed likely to send spam in the Finnish language. Suomispam by itself does not block email or operate a database of personal data. It only provides a list of IP addresses that they consider probable sources of Finnish spam. Operators of mail servers may or may not use that information to block the actual messages.

Listing Policy

A listing by Suomispam Reputation indicates that the affected IP address has been deemed suspicious and/or a source of spam. If the IP address has a reputation of sending spam or has been previously blacklisted by Suomispam, the IP address will likely be blacklisted at the first indication of spam being sent.

The type of sending host is estimated before a listing. If the sending host is deemed suspicious and/or spam focused, the listing may be immediate. If the sending host is a shared mail server with likely significant non-spam-related use, the operator is given some time to fix the problem.

If an operator is known to support spam or if they have previous listings, the IP address may be listed immediately.

Whole networks may be listed if they appear to be significant sources of spam, snowshoe ranges or otherwise have allocated a lot of IP addresses for spam.

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