Status: Active

ZapBL is a DNS-based realtime blacklist. ZapBL does NOT block email. ZapBL is merely a list of opinions of the administrators as to where they do not want to receive email from.

Listing Policy

Listing on the ZapBL indicates that a ZapBL admin email address or spam trap received spam that advertized the listed domain.

A listing can be an IP address listing or a domain name listing.

ZapBL admins will avoid listing backscatter, however in the case where email systems reply to spam or viruses with rejection reports stating they’ve detected spam or viruses, a listing will occur.

ZapBL admins will list automated email systems responding to spam or virus email messages.

ZapBL does NOT accept 3rd party listings under any circumstances.

Domains advertised in spam may be listed. ZapBL admins will make every effort not to list shared hosting domains.

Most listings expire after a certain period of time. A ZapBL admin may set certain flags to prevent listings from expiring.

ZapBL admins may also set flags to prevent public delisting.

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