Status: Active

MegaRBL is a DNS based blacklist. It’s a French website whose goal is to offer its service for free to filter the spam that can be received every day. It proposes an RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) that anyone can use to protect themselves from unsolicited e-mail. MegaRBL maintains a listing of known spammers and reports them to their Internet Service Providers, helping them take the appropriate actions.

Listing Policy

If an IP is blacklisted on MegaRBL, that means that an unsolicited e-mail has been received in one of the team’s spamtraps. MegaRBL does not take reports and only functions with spamtraps and honeypots in order to avoid any abuse. A server running as an open relay that sends spam in one of the spamtraps will also result in a listing on the RBL. It’s important to note that any mail received in one of those traps will be unsolicited and therefore the IP listed. However, MegaRBL does not list dynamic IP address as it will not be of any help to prevent further spam. It doesn’t list ranges of IP addresses either.

GlockApps Email Monitoring Tools

GlockApps Email Monitoring Tools

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