Spam Eating Monkey SEM-BLACK

Status: Active
Removal: provides real-time IP and domain reputation information for use in preventing delivery of unwanted mail.

Listing Policy

The Spam Eating Monkey SEM-BLACK list includes all IPs sending mail to a spamtrap or that have been listed by policy. A policy based listing is a listing of an IP or domain that is:

  • defined by the provider as an address that should never send mail directly (e.g., a residential internet connection)
  • known to be in use by well known spam groups (e.g., ROKSO listed groups)
  • failing to honor unsubscribe requests and has demonstrated a lack of desire to change that behavior
  • clearly acquiring an email list through web scraping or other “shady” methods
  • harassing, annoying, or otherwise irking

IPs in this list are automatically removed after 15 days of not sending mail to a spamtrap.