The Spamcop Blacklist

Status: Active
Removal: is one of the oldest DNSBL’s of the many that are offered today. Their services were first publicly offered in 1992, and continue on to this day. While SpamCop is primarily a DNSBL, they also offer other services as well, such as email filtering, in which you can have SpamCop behave as an email delivery pre-filter. SpamCop uses many of the same techniques as other DNSBL’s, such as spamtraps, honeypots, open relays, open proxies, whitelists, and blacklist ranges.

Listing Policy

The primary method by which SpamCop gathers its listing data is from end users. End users are encouraged to forward copies of their spam into the SpamCop system. These emails are then analyzed; if the email meets certain criteria, the IP address of the sending SMTP server will be listed in SpamCop’s DNSBL.

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