Status: Active


SpamRATS is one of the industry’s leading IP Reputation lists providing RBL (Real-Time Blackhole lists) services and data feeds. With over 15 years of threat data, it is one of the most reliable sources of threat intelligence.

Listing Policy

There are different IP Reputation lists to better suit your individual needs:

  • RATS-Dyna contains IPs that are highly likely to be a home connection or from a dynamic address space (i.e. one that is not suitable for a mail server).
  • Rats-NoPtr contains IPs on networks that are known to allow egress on port 25 from IPs that do not have a reverse DNS record.
  • RATS-Spam contains IPs that are from compromised servers, hosts, or relays, and mail servers created for the purpose of spamming. The list has ultra-low false positive rates because an IP Address is only added when a significant amount of spam-style behavior has been reported or observed.
  • Rats-Auth contains IPs from static sources or networks operated by those engaged in criminal behavior (this includes servers that have been compromised). This list typically does not contain dynamic IPs or CGNAT IPs. IP addresses are added only after detecting abusive activity such as password guessing attacks.