TOR DNSBL – Blacklist for Tor Servers

Status: Active

Tor can be used to “bounce” tcp connections trough some nodes around the world, leaving the tor network via some exit server. These exit servers are the “peer” you can see in your logs if someone uses Tor to connect to your server. Since nobody can control which ports are allowed on the exit servers (the tor project itself denies smtp by default, but this can be changed) it’s a potential risk that someone abuses the tor network to hide his IP while he’s spamming around.

Listing Policy

It lists every tor node which allows clients to connect to the following ports: 25, 194, 465, 587, 994, 6657, 6660-6670, 6697, 7000-7005, 7070, 8000-8004, 9000, 9001, 9998, 9999.