Leadmon.Net’s SpamGuard Listings

Status: Active
Website: www.leadmon.net/spamguard/
Removal: SpamGuard@leadmon.net

This is a personal list maintained by Leadmon.net. If you tried to send email and it was REJECTED with an error message that pointed to this page, then the IP address of your outgoing mail server is on the local Leadmon.net blacklist. This means that the server in question matched one of the below criteria for being listed.

Listing Policy

The list classifies IPs into 6 different types. These types are Dial-Up/Cable/DSL IP Addresses, Individual SPAM Sources, Bulk mailers, Single-Stage Open Relays, Multi-Stage Open Relays and finally SpamBlock Sites. It looks like it has stopped listing Dial-Up/Cable/DSL IP Addresses.