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2024 Email Landscape Shift: Gmail and Yahoo Raise the Bar for Senders

Written by Julia G

As 2024 approaches, major players in the email industry, such as Gmail and Yahoo, are ushering in a pivotal shift that carries significant implications for email marketers and senders alike.  Gmail’s New Email Requirements Gmail’s new email requirements are designed to bring a higher degree of security, transparency, and user-friendliness to the inbox. These requirements are specifically tailored for bulk …

How to Use GlockApps DMARC Digest

Written by Julia G

Learn how DMARC Analytics digests can help you fix email authentication issues and get more emails delivered to Inbox

9 Email List Management Best Practices

Written by Julia G

Email list management is one of the most important aspects of a successful email marketing strategy. It can be hard to overestimate the importance of maintaining a healthy, clean, and relevant email list in digital marketing. When it comes to email list building, many email marketers are so preoccupied with increasing their list size that they pay little attention to …

DMARC Fail: What Causes DMARC Failure in 2023?

Written by Julia G

There are several causes for DMARC failure. To ensure your emails are properly authenticated and your domain is protected from cybercrime such as spoofing, it’s critical to understand what caused DMARC to fail authentication. When it comes to cyber-attacks, 2021 has shown how unprepared businesses all over the world are. Although Google tries its best to block over 100 million …

Email Spoofing Attacks in 2023

Written by Julia G

Email spoofing and phishing increased by 220% in 2021. With such high numbers, cyber-criminals are taking advantage of opportunities to spoof emails and phish for valuable information and credentials. As a result, the average cost of a data breach in 2021 was $4.24 million! Types of Spoofing There are many ways cybercriminals can attempt to steal your personal information. These are …

Top Email Marketing Trends in 2023

Written by Julia G

Email marketing is changing and evolving with the post-covid era. Find out what are the latest trends that you should adopt to stay successful.

[Case Study] How DMARC Analytics Helps Save Domain Reputation

Written by Ramon Gooch

Like all companies doing business online and communicating with their clients via email, we, at GSoft, are concerned about our domain reputation. To protect the domain and ensure that nobody is sending spam or phishing emails on behalf of our company, we implemented DMARC email authentication with the ‘reject’ policy. We thought it was enough to be protected and we …

AMP for Email Guide – Interactive Email – What Is AMP Tech?

Written by Julia G

AMP for email is a new way of providing interactive content to your recipients. It is making a big blast by opening new possibilities for email marketers all over the world. But with new features come new challenges and threats, so it is important to understand what security measures have to be implemented before diving into the AMP for email. …

What is BIMI: Ultimate Guide to BIMI in 2023

Written by Julia G

BIMI is a relatively new form of email authentication that will help you stand out in your customer’s inbox. Learn more about BIMI and how it can improve your email marketing program this new year.

SPF SoftFail – Everything that Causes an SPF Fail

Written by Julia G

Learn about SPF, SPF failures including SPF soft fail and SPF hard fail, how to avoid them, and how SPF authentication affects DMARC.