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Proactive Measures for Protecting Your Sender Reputation

Written by Julia G

To keep their computers, accounts, websites, and mailboxes safe and secure, Internet users apply firewalls, antivirus tools, and anti-spam filters. Companies selling goods online and running online services, use anti-fraud systems to prevent fraudulent orders, account creations, abuse, and misuse of their infrastructure. In 2020, the question of security in the computer space has become as vital as never before. …

How to Catch Spoofing Attack in 2021

Written by Julia G

It is hard to overestimate the need for cyber-security in 2021. Not only we live in a digitalized world, but we also live in the world of pandemics, hence, remote working all over the world. As people switched to their home computers, the question of security of every business became even more important and, at the same time, difficult to …

How to Increase Email Inbox Rate by Following these Instructions

Written by Julia G

When email marketers find out that they have deliverability issues, they ask a million questions: why did my open rate and click-trough rate drop? Why do my emails go to Spam? Why are my emails blocked or deferred? What did I do wrong, etc.? When such questions arise, we always recommend answering the two key questions: Who are you sending …

Low Open Rate? How Email Testing and Uptime Monitoring Helps

Written by Julia G

Open rate and click rate are the main measures in email marketing. They allow senders to understand how successful their email campaigns are. After all, that’s what email marketing is all about – more clicks and more customers. It’s always distressing to see a decrease in email opens. While an occasional drop is not a catastrophe, an open rate decreasing …