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Email Branding for Better Inbox Experience and Deliverability

Email Branding for Better Inbox Experience and Deliverability

In an email marketing world, your brand domain is like your identity in the real life.

It's the thing that allows the recipients of your marketing and transactional messages to recognize your messages. It's the thing that helps you build trust and relationship with your recipients and customers. And you must keep that trust because your business often depends on it.

Sender Reputation: How to Avoid Spam Folder Placement

Sender Reputation: How to Avoid Spam Folder Placement

Businesses and companies don’t always give priority to their email marketing programs focusing on developing new products, setting up goals and planning the strategies. They often start optimizing the email programs when their open rates drop in times. But the success of the business is closely connected with the success of the email program. The more messages go to the user’s Inbox, the more revenue the company gets.

Email Marketer’s Guide: What You Need to Know about Outlook

Email Marketer's Guide: What You Need to Know about Outlook

Hotmail was one of the first web based email services launched in 1996. It was rebranded as in 2013 to align with Microsoft’s desktop email application Outlook. At present, is one of the leading global mailbox providers with 400+ million active users.

Deliverability to and domains concerns a lot of email marketers as Microsoft has the strongest filtering system which often times sends quite legitimate emails to the spam or junk folder.

How to Find and Fix Email Deliverability Issues

In this tutorial, we provide tips how to test each element of your email program in order to find and fix the cause of your deliverability issues, increase your Inbox placement, and open rates, and drive your revenue.

In the world of email marketing, deliverability is a priority. No email marketers want their emails to end up in the spam folder. But despite all the best efforts emails do sometimes end up in the spam folder, even with clear subject lines, great designs with the perfect ratio of live text to images, and having a regular send pattern.

Has this happened to any of you guys here? What’s an email marketer to do?

If you’re interested in how email deliverability works, how to send better emails and troubleshoot your email placement, and how to grow your business with email, this guide is for you.

How to Maximize Inbox Delivery: Best Practices that You Can Implement Today

The Internet and email have created new opportunities for businesses of all sizes and across all markets. The bad thing is that malicious senders are abusing email too. I bet you are receiving hundreds of ads and promos from people you have not even heard of every day.

Thus, ISPs and all receiving networks are forced to take measures to protect their users against the assault of increasing volumes of spam and malicious email.

On the other hand, the war of Internet service providers (ISPs) against spammers has a negative impact on legitimate email senders. And your marketing results suffer because of this, right?

Improve Email Deliverability: Insights and Best Practices That Really Work

Improve Email Deliverability: Insights and Best Practices That Really Work


Some 21% of permissioned emails from legitimate senders around the world failed to reach the Inbox during the year-long period, up from 17% during the previous year-long period, according to Return Path’s latest study on this topic. The average Inbox placement rate in the US saw a sharp decline from 87% to 76%, meaning that almost 1 in every 4 commercial emails in the US fails to reach the Inbox.

How would you like a 21% performance improvement for your next email marketing campaign?

To help you deliver your legitimate email messages to the recipients’ Inboxes, I’ve created the list of best email practices, delivery scenarios and recommendations you can implement today.

And to make it easy, I broke them down into five chapters. In chapter 5 you can even check your email in real time using a free email spam checker. We’ll show you where it appears: in the Inbox or Spam.

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