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Author: Julia G

14 Tips to Avoid the Spam Folder

Written by Julia G

If you are very serious about email deliverability, you should regularly test to ensure your legitimate email gets delivered to the Inbox. In this post we offer the best email marketing practices you must follow to keep your emails out of the spam folder.

Why Is My Email Filtered as Spam?

Written by Julia G

20 Simple Practices to Improve Inbox Delivery No matter what email delivery service or SMTP relay you are using, some of your messages can end up in the spam folder. Internet service providers use different spam filtering techniques (which are sometimes pretty odd) to protect their users from spam. So, you will absolutely have some emails filtered as spam or …

G-Lock Apps Was Born! Welcome, World!

Written by Julia G

After your message reached a mailbox provider, what happened? Marketers need tools to measure their Inbox placement and determine whether their messages are reaching their recipients or getting stuck in spam folders. With G-Lock Apps email spam checker you will know your Inbox placement and detect potential delivery issues before you send real email campaigns.