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Author: Khrystyna Sliusar

Join the Leading Email Marketing Affiliate Program: Step-by-Step Guide to Become a GlockApps Affiliate

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

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HIPAA-Compliant Email Providers: Ensuring Secure Communication for Healthcare

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

In healthcare, protecting patient information is a top priority, especially regarding electronic communications. HIPAA-compliant email service providers are critical in ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive data transmitted via email.

We recently published an in-depth article on HIPAA’s main principles regarding the use of email, and today we will dive into the details of which electronic communication tools are legal to use in the healthcare sector to contact patients.

How to Send a HIPAA-Compliant Email?

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

You probably read the headline and thought, where is the connection between email and health insurance? But for real, their relationship is much closer than it might seem.

Recently, we looked in detail at the main laws of email marketing, and today we will move on to another set of rules that directly affect email marketers’ work and in a certain way limit their freedom of action.

Email Subject Line Capitalization: How to Choose the Right Case

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Your email’s subject line is super important. This is the first thing everyone sees in their inboxes. But with different ways to write it, how do you pick the right one?

The email subject is a ticket to numerous inboxes. But how to write such phrases that will attract attention and make people open your messages? With a little creativity and smart thinking, you can turn your emails from boring to great!

Email Marketing Laws: Ensuring Compliance with Spam Regulations and Privacy Protocols

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

The fear of breaking some rules probably haunts people in any industry, because it’s our human nature to avoid getting into trouble. And email marketers are no exception, as they don’t want to suddenly run into a legal problem they didn’t expect before sending each new campaign.

Cold Email Response Rates: Establishing a Conversation with Prospects

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

If you’re deeply involved in email marketing, you’ve probably tracked the response rate of your cold emails more than once, and you already know that those numbers aren’t always as encouraging as you’d like.

When we send cold emails, we usually aim to get users interested enough to click the “Reply” button. And then we rush to track the response rate, which shows how well our campaigns resonate with the audience and whether we’re doing everything right.

Cold Email Open Rates: Assessing the Effectiveness of Your Outreach Campaigns

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

After working so hard on crafting your cold emails, low open rates can be frustrating and undermine your efforts. All that time spent researching prospects and carefully choosing your words can be wasted if your emails go unopened. However, don’t give up, because cold emails are still a powerful way to reach potential customers, so it is worth competing for them.

Cold Email Conversion Rates: Effective Tactics to Boost Your Sales

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Cold emails are considered one of the best channels for direct outreach and lead generation, especially in industries where building relationships with potential customers is critical. They help companies target specific individuals or organizations that fit their ideal customer profile. Therefore, by making a targeted approach, they increase the probability of reaching future clients who are most likely to be interested in the product or service offered by the business.

Email Seed List Testing: Get the Best Results with GlockApps

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

Briefly, a seed list definition is a series of email addresses that you send a letter to before sending it out to your target audience, which allows you to test your message in different conditions. This way you can see how your email will look and interact with different services and providers before you actually send it out.

Email Deliverability vs. Delivery: What’s the Difference and What Do You Need to Check?

Written by Khrystyna Sliusar

You’re probably familiar with the situation when you spend days planning every detail of your campaign, crafting the perfect email for your target audience, and hoping that every copy of your email will be seen and appreciated by the recipient.