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email uptime monitoring

Email Infrastructure Uptime Monitoring: Increase Deliverability Rate

Written by Julia G

Being the simplest and cheapest means of reaching out to a large audience around the world, email has always been exploited by malicious senders and cyber-criminals. Trying to protect their users from spam, mailbox providers set up smart email filters that evaluate a range of metrics to make email placement decisions. It often prevents good email senders from delivering their …

Why Uptime Monitoring Is A Must For Best Email Deliverability & ROI

Written by Julia G

There are many variables involved when we talk about email deliverability. Today we will concentrate on email authentication, because it has its influence on whether your email gets blocked, will land in a spam folder or an inbox. How? It proves you are a trustworthy and legitimate sender, or otherwise. You should remember that it is not enough to just …