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Low Open Rate? How Email Testing and Uptime Monitoring Helps

Written by Julia G

Open rate and click rate are the main measures in email marketing. They allow senders to understand how successful their email campaigns are. After all, that’s what email marketing is all about – more clicks and more conversions. It’s always distressing to see a decrease in email opens. While an occasional drop is not a catastrophe, an open rate decreasing …

The Role of Email in eCommerce

Written by Julia G

eCommerce brands around the world are experiencing significant changes within their markets due to the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Organic web traffic is on the decline and a number of brands are planning to cut down on their paid media budgets to focus on email as their primary form of communication. Email has often been underestimated in terms of …

How to Use Emotional Intelligence for Email Marketing Success

Written by Julia G

Whenever an email marketer presses send on a newsletter to their subscribers, they’re doing it with only the best of intentions. Often spending more time on the subject line of an email to be strong and interesting, sometimes the newsletter content can miss the mark with subscribers. What may seem obvious from an email marketer’s point of view can at …

How I Beat Google & Decreased My Spam Rate from 35.2% to 2.8%

Written by Shaurya Jain

This is the guest post written by Shaurya Jain. A Mistake that Started It All A couple of months ago, I launched a cold email campaign to partner with non-competing but closely related businesses. These were primarily PR and web design agencies. From my 2 years of experience with cold emailing, I had learned that people like humorous cold emails. …

14 Real Tips to Avoid Email Deliverability Issues

Written by Julia G

You spend a lot of time designing a beautiful branded email template, polishing up your email copy, and crafting a teasing and enticing subject line that should skyrocket your email open and click-through rate. But before pressing the Send button, did you think that your subscribers might not even get the opportunity to see your email? Related Posts Your email’s …