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email marketing deliverability

Email Delivery Basics: 3 Fundamental Email Concepts Explained

Written by Julia G

In this post, I give a little bit of theory about email delivery so that you can get a general idea about email concepts, good and bad sending habits, and email spam checker tools you can use to monitor your reputation and deliverability and determine possible causes of deliverability issues if they happen. Related Posts Are you looking for the …

Understanding Deliverability Metrics

Written by Julia G

Many email marketers are mistakenly assured in their ability to reach their recipients when they observe a high delivery rate. But what the “delivery rate” term actually means is the number of sent emails that did not return as a hard or soft bounce. In reality, a delivered email could end up in the Inbox, or spam box, or could …

How to Maximize Inbox Delivery: Best Practices that You Can Implement Today

Written by Julia G

The Internet and email have created new opportunities for businesses of all sizes and across all markets. The bad thing is that malicious senders are abusing email too. I bet you are receiving hundreds of ads and promos every day from people you have not even heard of. Thus, ISPs and all receiving networks are forced to take measures to …