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What is DMARC: Using a DMARC Record to Protect Your Domain

Written by Julia G

DMARC Explained Implement a DMARC record to create a safe environment for both your company and your audience. As the most effective email validation system, DMARC records protect your domain from business email compromise. According to Verizon, 94% of all malware comes from email. Phishing attacks consist of 80% of all incidents. About $17,700 is lost every minute on average due to …

DMARC: How to Prevent Email Spoofing

Written by Julia G

Modern email authentication uses a combination of three methods: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. These methods help ensure that a message came from a sender shown in the From header. By deploying DMARC, email senders can prevent spoofed spam and phishing emails from reaching their email subscribers and customers, protecting their brand and the subscribers’ personal data. This post explains the …

Email Authentication: the Ultimate Guide

Written by Julia G

Email authentication is becoming a big deal. Authentication allows the mailbox provider to confirm that the sender is the one who he pretends to be. If authentication fails, the emails are likely to be filtered as spam or rejected. Related Posts Are you looking for the best email marketing affiliate program? Seize the opportunity and become a partner of GlockApps, …