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Anti-Spam Regulations in 2020: Do You Comply?

Written by Julia G

Dealing with laws and regulations is an inevitable reality for any business. Although the variety of anti-spam laws that differ for every country might feel discouraging at first, if you are a legitimate company and a legitimate sender, you probably don’t have to worry about it much. Nevertheless, it is always better to be fluent in anti-spam laws and regulations. …

Spam Traps 101: from Nightmare to Opportunity

Written by Julia G

Email getting into a spam trap is a nightmare for any email marketer. Unfortunately, it can happen even with the best of us. Afterwards we keep wondering how a spam trap could get on our mailing list. Let’s solve this jigsaw puzzle step by step and by the end of this article everything will fall into place. What is a …

Improve Email Deliverability: Insights and Best Practices That Really Work

Written by Julia G

Some 17% of emails from legitimate senders around the world failed to reach the inbox during the year-long period according to Return Path’s latest study on this topic. Globally, the average Inbox placement rate saw a decline from 85% to 83%, meaning that 1 in every 6 commercial emails fails to reach the Inbox. How would you like a 21% …

Can’t Keep Up? 9 Ways to Simplify Your Path to the Recipient’s Inbox

Written by Julia G

Email marketing is about the balance between strategy, deliverability, funding, process, staffing, and the need of the customer. There is a whole set of things that influence the final decision. Deliverability is just one of them. When you are making a decision about re-activating customers, sending that next promotional, transactional or welcome email, deliverability becomes one of the things for …