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API Documentation

Seamlessly integrate our spam filter and delivery test tools into your own products and applications using the GlockApps Spam Test API.

The API is available on all subscription plans and in the pay-per-test plan. The users of free accounts don’t have access to the API.

All API requests utilizing REST methods resulting in JSON or XML output.

Every API request requires the use of the apiKey parameter, which is located in your account settings.

API Workflow

  1. Perform data GETs/PUTs/POSTs/DELETEs to https://spamtest.glockapps.com/api/v1/
  2. All POST methods must have Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  3. Return data in the JSON or XML format

The HTTP status indicates whether an operation failed or succeeded, with extra information included in the HTTP response body.

All APIs return standard error code formats.

Unexpected query parameters are ignored.