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What are automatic tests for?

Automatic tests are helpful for testing and monitoring your sender reputation and email deliverability over time. An automatic test sends the same message to the seed list at the chosen interval. The history of the reports for automatic tests is saved for one month so that you can see how your sender reputation and email placement have been changing over time.

Automatic tests are primarily for transactional email messages where the content does not change. Automatic tests are also helpful if you got a new sending domain and/or IP address because they will send the message periodically and show consistent traffic from the domain/IP. It helps warm up the new domain/IP.

Every time an automatic test works, it deducts one credit from your account.

To set up automatic tests, you need to create a sending account with your SMTP settings in GlockApps. You get a proxy email address associated with the automatic test. Send the message to the proxy address to have the automatic test created. Here you can read more about automatic tests.

Updated on October 26, 2022

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